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I just got back from the Rooms With A View Gala Preview party. Despite the dismal weather, there was a great turnout for this fun evening. There were tons of design stars there from Bunny Williams and David Easton to Tom Filicia and honoree Albert Hadley.

Here are Bunny and a dapper Albert in Bunny’s booth. I love the blown-up photo of a younger Hadley behind the French doors. The ecclectic room was furnished with many wonderful Beeline pieces from the Eclipse chairs to the fabulous Harvest table and fun Spiral Umbrella Stand, a perfect accessory on this wet evening.

I spent much of the evening with Allison Caccoma, of Caccoma Interiors, a Williams alumna, here in front of the elegant Beveled Edge Mirror We both loved how Bunny handled the ceiling fixture, using a starburst mirror against the lacquer ceiling as a visual segue.

I also ran into Carey Karlan, of Last Detail interior design who recently won At Home magazine’s A-list award in the bedroom category.

In addition to the four featured rooms in the Library by Bunny Williams, David Easton, Tom Filicia and Pamela Banker, there were also 8 wonderful vignettes in the Fellowship Hall. Here is David Kleinberg‘s handsome tailored display.

I also got a quick snap of Thomas Jayne‘s upbeat room with the fabulous hand-painted panels. Don’t you just love banquettes?

All in all, a festive, fun evening and tribute to the “Dean of American Design”, who at 90, deserves every bit of recognition he received for his decades of contributions to the world of design.

22 thoughts on “Rooms With A View

  1. love the silver framing on the black and white photograph too, nice to see a change from the usual wood….and, of course, the rorshach panels! would love to be in that room when people start describing what, exactly, they see! d

  2. So sorry to have missed the opening party – but we were there in product as Thom Felicia borrowed one of our fiddle leaf fig trees for his vignette! Saw Carey’s room at the CFDA showhouse in NYC – she’s a great local talent. Happy weekend!

    • Thom’s room was terrific as were all of the vignettes – wish I had photos of each. Want to see CFDA – and Carey is as nice as she is talented!

  3. As a Parish-Hadley alum that will not be able to attend, I was particularly happy to see these shots of the chic vignettes!

    • Lucky you!! What a wonderful creative place to work! Too bad you couldn’t be there – it was a great event!

  4. Fabulous revent and Bunny is the best….love it all!!
    Come and enter my new Giveaway….I know you will love it!!
    Art by Karena

  5. Wow, stacey! You are doing an incredible job. I look forward to reading your blog and have forwarded to many friends.

  6. I am officially your party buddy! Did you bring me a party favor? I really would have liked one of the banquettes… didn’t it fit in your bag?
    FAB fun! Thanks for letting the rest of us “come along”!

    • SF – there’s always next year! I would like one of the banquettes also – the perfect favor. Too bad I was driving – I would have liked more champagne!

  7. I love to meet these designers and see what they are up to. I just spent a little time reading down to this post. Hope you are well and ready for the Holiday!

    • Hi Liz – yes, this was a fun evening! Everyone’s great but not even remotely ready for the holidays!

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