At Home in Marrakesh with Meryanne Loum-Martin

At Home with Meryanne Loum-Martin

Join Susanna in Marrakesh, Morocco as she visits renowned hotelier Meryanne Loum-Martin at her stunning property containing both her renowned boutique hotel Jnane Tamsna and her own residential refuge in the heart of Marrakesh’s Palmeraie district.

Both places are just seamless steps from one another and resonate with Loum-Martin’s penchant for blending culture, history and design. Intimate, personal and totally unique, they both reflect her passion for Morocco and her vision for melding luxury and sustainability.

Born in Cote d’Ivoire, Loum-Martin worked in Paris as a lawyer before moving to Morocco in 1996. She and American husband, ethnobotanist Dr. Gary Martin, bought the land in 2000 and opened Jnane Tamsna in 2001. Everything was built from scratch, from the architecture to the interiors and gardens, which feed the many guests who seek their generous hospitality from around the world.

After creating the buildings, Meryanne outfitted the unique rooms with furniture and objets culled from her extensive travels as well as many items she herself designed and had made locally. The hotel’s interiors are as singularity exotic as the rooms in Loum-Martin’s home, both filled with art, textiles and antiques.

At Home with Meryanne Loum-Martin
photo by Jean Cazals

As Morocco’s only Black female hotelier, Meryanne is blazing trails not only in hospitality but as an ambassador for multicultural experiences. Thank you Meryanne for sharing your vision of home and creating a destination that connects guests to the many inspiring facets of Moroccan life and arts.

And for a fascinating look behind the scenes of many extraordinary residences in Marrakesh, Maryanne has authored Inside Marrakesh: Enchanting Homes and Gardens. Showcasing the stunning properties of many talented designers and tastemakers, from Jasper Conran, Lynn Guinness, Vanessa Branson and Helen and Brice Marden, the book reveals how these sophisticated talents have transformed Marrakesh style into their own.

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