Five Days of Dogs and Design in LA


As Susanna Salk and I finish up five days of shooting for Dogs and Their Designers in Los Angeles, I thought I’d give you a quick peek of a bit of the week. Our temporary home at the Sunset Towers was the perfect venue for our stay with elegant appointments, the most impeccable service, convenient location and the always hopping restaurant.

dogs-and-design-in-laFrom Hutton Wilkinson‘s glamorous Beverly Hills home to Martin Lawrence Bullard‘s Moroccan inspired abode in Whitley Heights to Betsy Burnham‘s whimsical family home in Hancock Park, we visiting dogs and designers in a variety of stylish digs. We even managed to finally catch the West Coast debut of Doug Meyer‘s amazing Heroes Tour, honoring creative talents who were early victims of AIDS, at Dragonette.  So stay tuned, more dogs and design on the horizon soon!!

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