At Home with Peter Copping and Rambert Rigaud at La Carlière

At Home with Peter Copping and Rambert Rigaud

Tag along to Normandy, France for a behind the scenes visit with Peter Copping and Rambert Rigaud at their 15th century manor house, la Carlière. With decades of fashion experience – Peter helmed Nina Ricci and then Oscar de la Renta and Rambert is at Balenciaga – these two translated their talents to the transformation of their enchanting country home.

Years of significant restoration (think new roof, heating, bathrooms, kitchen etc.) brought the house into shape for 21st century living while maintaining its storybook character.

La Carliere kitchen via Quintessence

The kitchen, above and below, perfectly parlays contemporary function with historic structure.

Kitchen at La Carlière  via Quintessence

And the dining room feels like a 21st century homage to Vermeer.

Dining Room at La Carlière

The couple were then in position to indulge their passion for interiors.

At Home in Normandy with Peter Copping and Rambert Rigaud via Quintessence

They let their serious love of antiques and color take center stage, with burgeoning collections of art and objets expertly enhancing every space, whether on walls

At Home in France with Peter Copping and Rambert Rigaud via Quintessence

or in captivating vignettes.

At Home at La Carlière vignette via Quintessence

Even the bathrooms are fully decorated with wallpaper, art and personal treasures arranged in appealing assemblages.

Primary bathroom at La Carlièer via Quintessence

The house reflects both its history and its owners with personality and romance. Any guest would be delighted to stay in these enchanting quarters with the room decorated around the antique bed and walls fully swathed in Pierre Frey’s iconic Toile de Nantes. is particularly enchanting.

Guest bedroom at La Carlière via Quintessence

Each room retains its own distinct personality, and yet the house has an effortless flow, perfect for the duo during their weekend escapes from Paris or for a throng of holiday visitors. The couple’s bedroom, with its distinctive coloration is cosseted environment embracing their love of art and antiques.

At Home with Peter Copping and Rambert Rigaud via Quintessence

One of their many decorative addictions is antique textiles, which can be seen throughout but especially in their effective incorporation of tapestry in many rooms creating visual interest, warmth and a way to bring the outdoors in.

Tapestry at La Carlière via Quintessence

This obsession has been parlayed into a new business venture named after the house. Initially encompassing a sumptuous collection of “Haute Cushions,”

La Carlière Haute Cushions via Quintessence

it now includes lampshades and continues to expand.

La Carlière lampshades via Quintessence

Clearly Peter and Rambert have embraced their flair for interiors with creativity, sophistication and unbridled passion for collecting. Don’t be surprised if you see a new decorating team on the horizon!

Thank you Peter and Rambert for welcoming us into your extraordinary home!

all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

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