At Home in Madrid with Casa Josephine

Casa Josephine home in Madrid via Quintessence

A former priests’ dorm from the 18th century might not be everyone’s concept of a dream home, but it was the perfect find for Iñigo Aragón and Pablo López Navarro of design and architecture firm Casa Josephine. Tag along for a behind the scenes visit with designers and shop owners Iñigo and Pablo at their charming Madrid abode.

It was when renovating their 19th century country house in the Rioja wine area that the partners were inspired to open their design firm Casa Josephine in 2012. Since then they have renovated a new country retreat an hour north of Madrid, below, and have worked on celebrated residential and commercial projects in Spain and beyond.

Casa Josephine country house

With backgrounds in art history, fashion design and photography, the duo’s abiding respect for the past is effortlessly combined with a contemporary design sensibility. Context is always an essential focus in their work and preserving the apartment’s monastic architecture was a priority as well as the Mediterranean feeling imparted by the vaulted ceilings and clay tile floors.

Casa Josephine home in Madrid via Quintessence

Unlike work for their clients, their apartment is not decorated in the traditional sense. Instead, the designers surrounded themselves with many of their favorite books, objects and collected art that enhance but don’t interfere with the architecture.

Casa Josephine in Madrid

Just as the designers have infused more modern elements in their country house, so they have translated their love of rural traditions into their apartment with a contemporary flair, resulting in a pervasive atmosphere of calm – like an oasis of country charm within the city.

Casa Josephine shop in Madrid

You will also visit their chic shop, above, not far from their home, in the heart of the La Latina district where they focus on Mediterranean culture, 20th century avant-garde style and the history of art through creation and craftsmanship. 


If you were in Madrid last summer, you may have seen their impressive installation at the Prado Museum, above, a beautiful and incredibly clever concept inspired by the concurrent exhibition of Baroque art.

So thank you Iñigo and Pablo for welcoming us into your stylish home and shop – we are so inspired!

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  1. As always, I love your posts! It’s been a long time since you have featured Timothy Corrigan lately. I loved his first chateau reveal and am curious how his current project is going. Very warmly, Karen

    • Hi Karen. Thanks so much! We will be publishing our visits to Tim’s new Paris apartment and the chateau this fall to coincide with the publication of his upcoming book!

  2. I loved the change of pace having the entire piece narrated by the subject. It was most informative and flowed beautifully. Always so well done.

  3. Very much prefer this format of hearing the designer and/or owner speak, rather than a dialogue. Thanks! Always look forward to your videos.

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