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MORE Dressy Designers We Love Video

Today we bring you MORE dressy designers we love whose style quotient raises the bar with their apparel as well as in their interiors. And sometimes the twain shall meet as when fabric originally destined for pillows and curtains end up as coats (Katie Ridder) and vests (Thomas Jayne).…
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American Decoration by Thomas Jayne

Just like Thomas Jayne’s thoughtful designs, his American Decoration is a book for those, like me and I daresay many of you readers, who like a little substance with their style. Jayne’s sophisticated yet livable interiors are based on years of personal experience, coming from a family with a wide ranging legacy of houses, his extensive academic training and his professional experience, having started his career under the tutelage of Albert Hadley.…
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Rooms With A View

I just got back from the Rooms With A View Gala Preview party. Despite the dismal weather, there was a great turnout for this fun evening. There were tons of design stars there from Bunny Williams and David Easton to Tom Filicia and honoree Albert Hadley.…
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