Rooms with a View

Rooms with a View is one of my favorite design events in Connecticut. Conceived by iconic designer Albert Hadley 17 years ago, the popular fundraiser transforms the Southport Congregational Church into a showhouse featuring 5′ x8′ mini rooms by today’s top and up and coming designers. Last year’s show featured a start-studded who’s who in design, all of whom had worked directly with or for Hadley.

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Current design chair, local interior designer Melissa Makris, above, explained that this year’s theme, “The Next Generation,” continues to pay homage to the legendary Parish-Hadley partner. Last year’s distinguished designers have all personally recommended the group for the current show, which includes Michael Adams, Olga Adler, Sam Allen, James Andrew, John Todd Bishop, Connie Cooper, Allison Hennessy, Melissa Marcogliese, George Marshall Peters, James D. Petersen, Carmina Roth and Christopher Stevens.

Christopher Stevens, Michael Adams, Melissa Makris (design chair), Parker Rogers (design commitee + previous design chair), Allison Hennessy, Todd Bishop

The kick off to the event took place on September 29th at the home of Ellen and John Levinson in Southport, where the designers made their final “vignette concept presentations” to the Rooms with a View committee.

back row/standing: Sam Allen, Christopher Stevens, Michael Adams, Carmina Roth, George Marshall Peters, Todd Bishop, James Petersen seated /front row: Allison Hennessy, Connie Cooper

Sam Allen and Christopher Stevens

Host Ellen Levinson with designer Carmina Roth

Southport Congregational Church Rev. Paul Whitmore + Rev. Laura Whitmore (she is event co-chair along with Tiffany Garrity -- not pictured)

party photos: Drew Menich

Over the next week, as we approach the show, I will be featuring all the designers, their sketches, and thoughts on how Mr. Hadley inspired their work. Design Chair Melissa Makris answered first – “Master of grace, Albert Hadley’s interiors are of the utmost livable elegance. At the forefront of style, he embraces longevity in every way. His very graphic wall papers breathe an air of unique life and freshness into a room life. Albert Hadley’s is a constant light infusion of modern and classic.” So true!!

The Gala preview next Thursday evening is always a festive, well-attended event but space is limited so if you are interested in attending, I advise you to get your ticket soon!!

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12 Responses to Rooms with a View

  1. The Zhush says:

    Can’t wait to see and hear about the inspiration!

  2. Looks like an amazing event! Can’t wait to see all of the vignettes on your blog, Stacey- sure to impress!!

  3. Thanks for bringing this event to those of us who can’t make to Connecticut. Looking forward to the inspiration!

  4. Wow, q! Always finding something new for us to drool over!
    Look forward to seeing the rooms.

  5. mary jo says:

    Looking forward to seeing the sketches and profiles, this sounds really cool!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. I wish I could attend! Hoping to see the highlights here!!

  7. Hoping to make it on Friday and can’t wait to see new, fresh design!

  8. what a fabulous event…and yes, the designs are amazing…

  9. It sounds like an evening and wish I could be there. I can’t wait to see your post on the event!

  10. amy bleier long says:

    Sounds fun, can’t wait to see your future posts!

  11. Somehow I feel fashionable, just for a moment, when I visit you here! Can’t wait to see what the rooms look like at this year’s show!

  12. Lovely post! Looking forward to meeting you at Rooms With A View!

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