Rooms with a View – Reveal #2

I had intended to share 4 rooms a day as I did for the previews, but due to technological issues (leaving my charger at the Apple store), there will be only one room today – that of John Todd Bishop, who is next in line.

Viewing Bishop’s room was a bit like like being on Freud’s couch (in a beautiful Viennese office of course). A handsome and intellectual vignette, Bishop’s space, entitled The Room Beyond, made you think as well as see. It was almost like being inside the head of the occupant. It reminded me of a Hitchcock film, with multiple layers of mystery veiled in beautiful veneers, challenging you to look beyond the surface.

Bishop very cleverly constructed his space to be a room within a room, the exterior door beckoning you to look inside.

The collage on the inside of the door is an homage to Albert Hadley, who used to frequently create idea boards. It’s a fascinating mix of visual inspiration.

Inside is a gentleman’s reading/writing room with an eclectic yet appealing mix of objects – more clues.

Every area in the room offered hints as to the life of its inhabitant. With a rich mix of colors, textures and periods, it was a multi sensory experience.

I loved this sophisticated pairing of the Vienna Secessionist etagere from Tom Thomas against the William Morris wallpaper. The contrasting geometrics, interplay of black and gold and decorative forms were such a rich combination. It was difficult to leave this striking space – I felt like there was always one more secret left to discover.

13 thoughts on “Rooms with a View – Reveal #2

  1. Personally I think it says a lot about the designer coming up with this “room inside a room” idea. You’ll get soemone who will definitiely think your room design through, love it.

  2. The room within a room design by John Todd Bishop is masterfully portrayed for the viewer. It is a revealing look inside of a person’s intimate private life and like a good book can be rewarding by inciting new surprises and delights each time. Elegant and inviting ,this designer truly understands the nuances of his client. Bravo to a very talented and up and coming designer !!

  3. I think this is great! I love the room within a room idea for this event. The door collage is wonderful… and, simple but perfect desk items. Wallpaper, sets the tone. Smart. Love it.

  4. This space definitely begs to be investigated — so much included in every nook and cranny. Reminds me of a wonderful library in an old home!

    Bravo to John Todd Bishop!!

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