Rooms with a View – Reveal continued

Connie Cooper‘s elegant vignette was intended as a media free space for the next generation.

Bombarded by electronics all day long, Connie felt it was important for these young adults to have somewhere to relax and connect as people in real life without texting, emailing or talking on Facebook.

Connie felt, as many of us do, that it was important to express the personality of the owner in the space. Obviously a girl who loves a good martini, Connie had a charming drinks tray ready for guests.

The eclectic yet glamorous touches, such as the vintage Murano lamps and distinctive bookcase expressed Connie’s love of travel. Filled with finds from trips to the Far East, the bookcase added a sophisticated personality to the space.

And for a personal touch, Connie had an old fur coat of her mother’s repurposed as a charming seat cover. I love how the chic leopard pumps were a part of the vignette – a symbol of the cosmopolitan woman really relaxing in her home.

Allison Hennessy‘s vignette was inspired by Albert Hadley’s sketches of Empire period tented rooms he executed while teaching at Parsons.

With beautifully draped walls, a gilded sunburst mirror and a custom made “Parsons meet Empire” style desk, her space most definitely had Napoleonic flair.

The mirror backing in the bookcase added both a reflective surface and chic glamour to the piece.

Desk detail of interior designer Allison Hennessy's Albert Hadley inspired vignette for Rooms with a View 2011The well appointed desktop included beautiful Italian marbleized accessories and a whimsical English cast brass alligator paperweight. The “Hadley” lamp, named for its iconic designer was made by Christopher Spitzmiller in the most handsome shade of Prussian blue. I think Mr. Hadley would have approved!

You can imagine my surprise when I first spied Melissa Marcogliese’s cheerful space. The orange desk was a show stopper! Built by Remy Ludwin at Prestige Remodeling, it is the centerpiece of the vignette Melissa designed for her 10 year old daughter Clementine.

Can you see the fabulous pink and orange silhouette on the back wall? A great detail! And I know at Clementine’s age (ok –  maybe still now) I would have loved to have all the little nooks for all my possessions.

And how adorable is this fabulous heart shaped ottoman??!!

With the fashionable nailhead trim and chic leopard print rug from Stark, I think it’s a sure bet Clementine would be the envy of all her double digit friends!!

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for more reveal!!

23 thoughts on “Rooms with a View – Reveal continued

  1. I am loving the orange room. It is so cozy and elegant, like being wrapped in autumn. Funny about the fur covered stool. I told my mother a few years back I did not want either of hers fur coats. I even thought about the possiblity of cutting one up for just this thing and then decided it would be too weird or even offensive to some! Guess not :)

  2. This is very enjoyable to take this guided tour with you. I always enjoy your blog with my coffee in the morning… And love that you commentary always has substance. Have a great day Q,

  3. I love the idea of repurposing mom’s mink on the chair cover! I have a pillow made from my mom’s mink coat, and it is a special reminder to me every morning when I sit in my chair. I think this is a great idea! I’m also loving the orange painted desk!

  4. I admire people that design rooms with purpose and personality. Cookie cutter design in this day & age amazes me. We have such exposure to magnificent ideas and sources. Why would anyone want to create a living space that doesn’t tell it’s visitors who lives there? How wonderful to be that 10 year old girl living in such a elegant room.

    You’ve left me with many ideas!! Have a tremendous Wed. Stacey. x

  5. Such a fun series!
    I loved the industrial
    space in your last
    post and the sweet
    space with the fur
    seat cushion in this
    one really spoke to
    me : ) How cute that
    a girl named Clementine
    should have a room full
    of orange-y goodness!

    xx Suzanne

  6. I think it is quite appropriate for a girl named Clementine to have an orange desk – very cute room, chic and cute at the same time :)
    My fav today were the vintage lamps, beautiful.

  7. Hi Ridgely! Glad you liked the Hadley lamp by Christopher Spitzmiller – it was the perfect way to accessorize and light my space. Looking forward to following your blog! Xo Allison Hennessy

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