A Hint of Honeysuckle

I’m not really much of a pink girl (although salmon suits me fine), which doesn’t bode well for me this year, considering Pantone’s pick of Honeysuckle Pink as the color of the year. Even though I’ve already had my fill of hearing about honeysuckle, I’d hate to be totally out of the loop. So I’ve been perusing options of pushing a little pink  into my life in a more subtle way. Accessories seem to be the answer.


vintage van cleef

vuitton – love its 60’s vibe

valentino petale flap bag – I seem to be stuck in the v’s for some reason – I’ll move on

longchamp – will look even better folded I think

nancy gonzalez

oscar de la renta – there’s some pink in there!!

alexandre birman – beautiful go with everything!

and a flat alternative – dior – so chic with white pants and pale pink toes!



stella mccartney hydrangea wool crepe jacket – LOVE this – goes with every color I own – ivory, navy, black, gray, brown etc. I’m thinking over all white it would also be a dream.

the new josie maran argan color sticks – “The Argan-oil infused color stick is a sheer tint that gives lasting, natural- looking color to cheeks and lips” – love its dual purpose.

nina ricci – for when there’s still a chill in the air

or one of imperio jp’s beautiful thai silk bubble shawls to throw over your shoulders.

bulgari – for my ultra fantasy pick – I’m allowed.

balenciaga – fashion doesn’t get much more fun than this! OK – I’m ready – bring on the honeysuckle pink!

UPDATED NOTE: For all of you who enjoy your honeysuckle straight up undiluted, take a hop over to My Dog Eared Pages, where a host of honeysuckle promises to lift your spirits!

33 thoughts on “A Hint of Honeysuckle

  1. It will be interesting to see where this “pink” color goes. I have never used it much, but if the trend becomes apparent as they predict I guess I will gather my wits and get to know it. We shall see.

    The crepe jacket by Stella is brilliant!

  2. Neither am i(a pink girl), however, honeysuckle pink has me dreaming up ways to incorporate it into my life. You’re off to a great start with the accessories idea! Love these too.

  3. What a beautifully edited collection. I do love pink but have very little in my wardrobe. These are lovely pieces – especially that Valextra bag and the bracelet. You always find the unusual pieces that aren’t everywhere. I really like your blog for that reason.

  4. I love the first bag and the flats are just adorable:) I dont wear much pink but I love having a sweet bag or a scarf!
    Kisses, darling…what a wonderful selection

  5. This may be the year that you incorporate a little pink in your life!!! Although I think I’m associated with that color, it doesn’t dominate my wardrobe or my home decor. But, I do love a dose of it here and there – especially in the Spring.

    Love your collection – I’ll take one of everything!

  6. I am not a pink girl either, but I love your take on a more subdued look. It will be interesting to see if Honeysuckle Pink really takes off. I do love a great pink + orange combo,a la the Balenciaga tote shown…great picks!

    xo Kelly

  7. Oh, so pretty!

    I’ve seem so many blogs posting about pink lately! I think it’s fantastic! I don’t wear it very often but I think I should! It’s feminine and it’s so fresh.
    Great selection! Really!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  8. Funny, pink use to be my favorite color – cotton candy pink use to be my favorite. In my suit days in Boston (no one wears them in LA), I use to have the most beautiful cotton candy pink suit…my fantasy was to one day own a chanel suit in pink. Now, I just want the jacket. I have a pink post coming up on homes and I’m getting the itch to incorporate it. I don’t like it head to toe but all the pieces you showed are gorgeous – I want that first bag. Just take it from someone who wears pink (not head to toe but a top or a jacket), it makes you happy, adds a spring to your step, and everyone looks good in pink. Perfect post.

  9. We strive to help keep America beautiful by creating timeless pieces…Lovely to be selected by our FAVORITE blog, always full of fresh ideas, gorgeously presented, and tastefully edited. Thank you for using our shawl, and bravo on your divine daily endeavours

  10. I’ll take the first 4 items pronto please! I didn’t care much about pink when I was younger but then it was my daughter’s favorite color until last year (she’s almost 25) so it kind of grew on me. Now I love it, find it’s a great accent with so many other colors.

    • Hi Debbi – me too – I can’t wear bright pink but this soft, more neutral shade is fabulous and so versatile and flattering!

  11. Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments. I was swamped yesterday and didn’t have a moment to respond to anyone who wrote then but I’m glad you enjoyed my picks and please know I appreciate your taking the time!

  12. Love the jacket! i guess pink is in the air…I was even wearing pink ski pants yesterday to brighten the grey sky and to make sure i can be found and retrieved if i fall into deep snow..

    • Francine – Isn’t the jacket fabulous? So simple, elegant and the perfect color! Love that you have pink ski pants – I got my daughter a pink ski helmet a couple of years ago for quick identification purposes on the slopes as well – of course deep powder isn’t an issue here :-(

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