Tony Duquette Jewelry at Sotheby’s


Before we return to activities on Nantucket, I wanted to be sure that the legions of readers who are Tony Duquette jewelry fans were aware of the upcoming auction at Sotheby’s, from August 18 – 30th.  The auction house’s first online-only jewelry sale, it is structured similarly to eBay, with each lot going to the highest bidder at the close.

tony-duquette-jewelry-starburstsFeaturing 32 extravagant jewels by the famous designer, the sale includes a wide variety of more is more statement pieces. As explained in my piece on the new Tony Duquette/Hutton Wilkinson pieces, the starburst is a classic Duquette motif that can be seen in the offerings above.

Tony Duquette jewelry at Sotheby's

Whether for his house, garden or jewels, Tony was one of the first designers to understand the advantages of recycling and repurposing. While he also used precious gems, he knew how to make the most of natural materials such as shells and rough cut stones as seen in several of the pieces above.

Tony Duquette abalone and amethyst necklaceA closer look at the necklace, above, and brooch, below, reveals how Tony mixed natural and carved abalone shells with beautiful amethysts. The brooch also features an organic version of the sunburst theme anchored by a 42 carat amethyst.

Tony Duquette abalone and amethyst brooch

Tony Duquette jewelry is often theatrical and the brooch below is almost costume-like in its appeal. Topped by a crowned monkey head, it includes over 26 carats of oval and hexagon-shaped tourmalines accented by pearls and citrines.

Tony Duquette jewelry brooch

Green was a favorite color of Tony’s and malachite held a very special place for both him and Hutton Wilkinson, his protégé and partner, who carries on the Tony Duquette legacy. The brooch below pairs malachite with cultured pearls in a classic starburst design.

Tony Duquette malachite and pearl brooch

And for anyone searching for statement cocktail rings, the amethyst, prasiolite (a green variety of amethyst) and pearl number below might be just up your alley.

Tony Duquette jewelry ring

As the auction gets closer, all lots will be featured on the sale page in time for bidding. Wishing all bidders best of luck next week!

4 thoughts on “Tony Duquette Jewelry at Sotheby’s

  1. Thank you STACEY for highlighting this sale on Quintessence!!! It’s going to be a terrific sale of one of a kind pieces, made in New York, featuring precious and semi precious stones set in 18k gold!!! This is a great opportunity for jewelry collectors and aficionados to get a first or another great piece by Tony Duquette for their jewelry box!!! Best… Hutton,
    Hutton Wilkinson, Tony Duquette Inc.

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