Supper in the Stable

Going to Churchill Downs this weekend? Have your hat selected? Your picks ready? Lucky you!! But for those of us not traveling to Kentucky, there are certainly many stylish ways we can enjoy the festivities as well. So, channeling a little DV for the day, I thought “why don’t we” present a Derby inspired scenario honoring the event? That way we could all celebrate here ensemble!! So I called my friends at Hoaglands to pull it together, using items from the store, for a vicarious Kentucky Derby venue.We decided that starting with Hermes set us off in style to stage our scene.

So consider yourself officially invited to a chic dinner in the stable.

Don’t dress up – we’ll be lounging on the floor by candlelight, sipping our Mint Juleps.

Casually chic is the tone for the evening. We’ll be dining on Hermes Cheval d’Orient dinnerware and eating with flatware from Michael Wainright and Sabre. With our mint juleps, we’ll be imbibing wine or water from pewter Match goblets. By the way, no peeking in my vintage leather box – that’s where I’m hiding my picks. The evening will extend late into night as we linger by the light of the lantern, letting the bourbon work its blue grass magic.

And the next day, we’ll need a little hair of the dog as we remember, but never regret, the events of the evening before. Our breakfast will be served on a nailhead ponyskin tray. The Chaine d’Ancre Hermes china sits handsomely on a Arte Italica charger presenting some healthy antioxidants for our consumption. The Cannes Puifourcat flatware rests on a copy of Boozehound, for those still “on the trail of the rare, the obscure and the overrated in spirits.”

I do hope you’ve had a marvelous time and I won’t mind at all if you borrow a few ideas for your own affair.  And take a few advil – you’ll feel better in no time!!

31 thoughts on “Supper in the Stable

  1. Thanks for such a gracious invitation. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Derby Days. I’ve got the Advil, let me just find the perfect hat–something Auntie Mame would wear–and I’ll be ready for the Run for the Roses!

  2. What a lovely post to wake up to this morning! I love the Derby and still hope to get there some day.

    As always, Stacey, your elegance and inspiration go hand in hand…and you make it look sooo easy too!


  3. Now THAT’S
    What superb details,
    including the Blue
    Grass magic– too
    funny! I enjoyed
    our toast to the Run
    for the Roses : )
    xx Suzanne

  4. The Derby is also known as “The Run for the Roses” because the winner is draped with a blanket of 554 red roses. The two weeks leading up to the big day are Louisville’s best time of the year with a wide range of cultural and entertainment available. I arrived once for The Derby on a Thursday night, just when the festivities were getting into high gear. Three events a day, minimum, with outfits to be changed for each and hats for all of the day events if you liked (I did!). Drinks with alcohol were served at every event, including breakfast and brunch. I am not an Olympic drinker as many of the party goers were for this week. In fact I would not even be invited to the Olympic games for drinking. However, I forgot, in the spirit of the time, that I was not Myrna Loy in The Thin Man, and had a drink at every event. On Sunday afternoon, following the post Derby brunch for 100 at a beautiful estate over looking the Ohio River, I felt like calling in a Medivac Airline Ambulance to fly me back to New York. I will never know how I survived. The hats were great, the race exciting, the people and the food entertaining and delicious, but the bourbon did me in.

    Have a great first Saturday in May every year watching one of America’s most exciting two minutes.


  5. Derby day or no Derby day…these table scapes are so over the top fabulous…leave it to Hermes, didn’t they make their name in saddles? Love these!

  6. What a fun post and two lovely settings. I would love to go to the Derby some day,this was a fun vicarious way to do it, thank you,Kathysue

  7. Love the ever-so-elegant plan, very chi-chi but in a fun way. And Boozehound is clearly a book worth looking into!

    Thank you for making me smile this Thursday morning. :)

  8. Aww..what a fantastic post and I adore the table setting…The china is incredible!!! Have a fantastic day, my dear. Kisses

    Ps: I’m hosting a stunning Sima Gilady jewelry GIVEAWAY today!

  9. q-
    I don’t think that there is anything that I don’t love about Hermes.
    Such a quaint setting here, and I can’t wait for the race. Hiding my mint infused simple syrup for the day.
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Absolutely fabulous! The settings are the epitome of casual chic…love them! Having spent some time around horses folks who used to race for years in the hunt cups, I can tell you that this would be right up their alley too! I will definitely be “borrowing” a few ideas! How nice of Hoagland’s to do this with you!

  11. I just arrived home to Kentucky from a week in Paris for Derby Day. One more chance to sing “My Old Kentucky Home” and for a few minutes the whole world in “down in ole Kentucky where horseshoes are lucky” !! My bourbon of choice is Elijah Wood–simply the best. Your website helped me join in the party already underway here. Thanks for the lovely table settings.

  12. My hat is ready! We are so lucky to have a fabulous couple in our town who throw the BEST Kentucky Derby party! But, loving the inspiration above from the wonderful Hoagland’s. If that couple moves I might be hosting my own!!
    xoxo E

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