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Well I’m sure you’ve all guessed by now that today’s movie is horse related. I was of course tempted to feature National Velvet, my all time favorite in this category, but Elizabeth Taylor has been in the news so much of late, I thought many of you had perhaps recently revisited this title. That being said, if there are any of you who have never seen this film, please put it at the top of your list. This beautiful 1944 classic make 12 year old Elizabeth Taylor a star and of course the cinema world was never the same. I couldn’t resist attaching the trailer.

My pick for today is actually a more modern film, from 2005, but also a heartwarming moving story. And if you have any horse loving young girls in your household, then this is a must see. Despite the odd title, Dreamer – Inspired By a True Story (yes, that’s the whole title) is a wonderful family film.

The plot is fairly predictable. It’s the excellent cast and their wonderful performances that really make this film shine. The precocious Dakota Fanning is perfect in her role of Cale Crane – the tenacious, spirited daughter of Ben Crane (Kurt Russell), a talented but down on his luck Kentucky horse trainer, lacking any horses in his stable. His wife, played understatedly by Elisabeth Shue and his father, Kris Kristofferson, round out the Crane clan. The horse, Sonador, is of course the real star and his healing becomes a metaphor for the mending of the Crane family bonds. You will not be able to keep yourself from cheering on the crew at the end. The cinematography is lovely as well as you can see in this clip.

Strong supporting roles are also turned in by David Morse and Ken Howard. Kurt Russell seems to have come full circle. A child actor in Disney films, he seems to have found a successful niche in middle age, playing father and/or mentor roles in family favorites. And he’s good at it – believable, inspiring and ultimately likable. Just like this film. Give it a try with your family – I think you (and they) will like it.

22 thoughts on “At the Movies

  1. Thank you for sharing this – there is a certain little horse lover in our home who will love watching it this weekend.

    x Felicity

  2. This is the *perfect* pick, I loved this film. Dakota Fanning really was remarkable, the whole movie was like eye candy whether you enjoy horses or not.

    Happy Almost-Derby-Day to you!

  3. I loved that movie. Could watch it over and over. I get so many tips here. You’re helping me form my movie list to take the lake for summer and new wines for my cellar. thanks! Have a great weekend. Mona

  4. Thank you for the recommendation! And also thank you for reminding us about “National Velvet.” I watched that movie many times with my daughters when they were young. What a great classic. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I haven’t seen this movie, but I’ll check it out – it sounds like a good one. My pick for a great horse movie is Sea Biscuit, starring Jeff Bridges and Tobey Maquire.

  6. Like it? I LOVE it!!!!!! This is one of my all time favorites..I think I have literally seen this over 20 times I kid you not! I bored my poor “non-horsey” friends to tears every sleepover, by subjecting them to watching this….no wonder they ended up going to sleep! Since I started my obsession with horses at a young age starting with my Breyer horse collection (until i eventually got a real one) …you bet National Velvet soon became my go to movie that I knew frontwards and backwards! I lived for that movie!! An all time favorite and classic…..

  7. I have seen it, and I had totally forgotten about it until now! Wonderful film and great choice for the weekend :) Have a great one XO, Kelly

  8. “Dreamer” looks like a winner to me! I always admire your film reviews.
    Off to see the big horse race and dreaming I was there today!

  9. I have wanted to see this move so must rent it! Have heard from man and now including you that it is wonderful!! Dreamer!


    Art by Karena

  10. I have not seen ‘Dreamer’ but if you have recommended it, I know it’ll be worthy of watching. You always pick my favorites. I was never into horses as a girl but I’m a big sucker for horse films as an adult. ‘Secretariat’, ‘Sea Biscuit’, ‘National Velvet’, all have me running for the Kleenex box.

    Thank you as always and here’s to the movies!!

    xx Deb

  11. I think I need to pick a rainy weekend and watch some of these great movies you have been recommending!
    Hope you’re having a Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  12. I haven’t seen this one. Looks like a good one to watch with my mom tonight. I’m visiting her for Mother’s Day and we were just thinking of renting a video. Thanks for the suggestion! Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day!

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