At the Movies Jr.

There are obviously many wonderful family Christmas movies both old and new. I didn’t want to suggest something like It’s a Wonderful Life that I know everyone has already seen. When considering which one to choose for this “Jr.” Christmas edition, I decided to poll my children, who represent a wide range of ages, for a second opinion.…
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At the Movies – Love Actually

love actuallyLast week many readers were pleasantly surprised to learn about my favorite (and evidently a bit under the radar) Christmas classic, The Bishop’s Wife. This week’s feature is a more contemporary selection that I’m sure many, if not most of you, have seen.…
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Wednesday Wine

For today’s Wednesday Wine, I asked Quintessence’s resident expert Terry Rogers of Horseneck Wines in Greenwich, to suggest some wines appropriate to serve at a holiday cocktail party. Terry of course has insider access to many wonderful sources and naturally had terrific ideas how to serve something special without breaking the bank.…
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Follow Me

Surprise! My Monday musings will not be located here today. The lovely Kate from Party Resources, the well respected event planning firm, kindly invited me to guest post, so if you follow me, you will find my responses to her holiday entertaining questions answered there!…
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Skating with Mr. Grant

My favorite scene in The Bishop’s Wife, my At the Movies pick yesterday, is when Cary Grant and Loretta Young are skating on the outdoor pond. It’s such an evocative holiday setting that I thought it might be fun to pick an outfit to go along with the movie.…
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At the Movies

Now that it is December, today will be our first Christmas movie suggestion. There are obviously  many wonderful films over the years to choose from. My favorite growing up was It’s a Wonderful Life but it is now a tad too overplayed to consider.…
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At the Movies Bonus Edition

As I mentioned, in honor of the long Thanksgiving weekend, I am adding an extra day of movie picks. My first pick is a particular favorite with the boys in my house. But I like it as well because John Hughes’ 1987 Planes, Trains and Automobiles is not only hilarious but also a touching film.…
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At the Movies

The title alone is cause to pick this movie for our Thanksgiving weekend selection. This 1942 romance, with Ronald Coleman and Greer Garson is a timeless classic. In fact, Greer Garson always claimed that of all the wonderful movies she made, this was her favorite.…
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Happy Thanksgiving

From my home to yours. Here is where we will be having our meal later today. I wish you, dear readers, the very best wishes on Thanksgiving for you and your family.
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Turkey Tabletop

Before we are catapulted into the “big” holiday of the season, I wanted to pay un petit homage to, what seems this year, to be the orphan child of celebrations. Thanksgiving offers so many lovely decorating opportunities that seem to be somewhat overlooked in favor of the overwhelming holiday coming down the pike.…
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