Postcard From Paris

I had hoped to post this yesterday but since we have been very busy out and about, this little postcard from Paris was delayed. As this is my girls’ first trip to the French capital, we of course had to indulge in a bit of classic sightseeing. I must admit, that I hadn’t been up the Eiffel Tower in years

Postcard from Paris

and had forgotten how truly amazing the views of the city are.

postcard from paris

To get a quick overview of the sights, we took a relaxing ride on a bateau mouche. We had beautiful weather yesterday and caught glimpses of the many landmarks from the Seine.

Postard from ParisThe Pont Alexandre III was a hit with the girls. They were duly impressed with how beautifully maintained the 19th century structure is.

postcard from Paris

Our hotel room was not ready upon our early arrival but we enjoyed the chic modern flower arrangements in the lobby.

postcard from paris

And since our hotel’s spa was not open, we visited the Scribe hotel tea room, after a trip to their lovely spa for some jet lag relaxation.

Scribe hotel Paris

I loved their small but chic space.

postcard from Paris

Today we visited the Louvre. I hadn’t seen the new mosaics from Israel displayed in a space normally closed to visitors and we took a quick tour through many of the classic galleries. It is always inspiring and I think a return visit this week is in order because we all want to see the Napoleon III apartments, which we didn’t have time for today.

postcard from paris

Friend Todd Henderson was kind enough to secure us reservations at Ralph’s and we had a lovely girls lunch at the beautiful restaurant.

postcard from Paris

So much fun to treat my older daughter to her first rosé champagne!

postcard from Paris

Everything was predictably perfect from the delicious food to the charming presentation to the impeccable service. Definitely worth a return visit.

postcard from paris

Hope you’re enjoying tagging along on our visit. More to come! À bientôt!

21 thoughts on “Postcard From Paris

  1. Oh Stacey! I am so happy to see that you have had a bit of sun! And isn’t it fun to revist the classics? For they became so for a reason…
    Am loving seeing them through your eyes!

  2. Love this!! Have a great trip with the girls. I absolutely love seeing the beautiful pictures!

    PS Go to L’Entrecote on rue Marbeuf, my favorite guilty pleasure in Paris

  3. Dreamy. Something I wish I had done when my girls were young. It is a good prompt to make time for life’s pleasures. Ah, well… Paris is wonderful at any age! Thank you for this vicarious trip. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Aren’t you lucky to have such nice weather!!
    I took my daughter to Paris, we rented an apartment, when she was about 25. She had been with friends and groups, but this was special! And oh, did we have fun. Hope to repeat it many times… Amusez-vous bien!

  5. Nothing can equal a first trip to Paris (or the second, third….) So glad that you decided to take us along. Have a super times with your girls experiencing Paris through their eyes.

  6. How lucky you are to have good weather! So glad you found the time to post. It looks amazing!

  7. Love the idea of you and your girls in Paris! I took the boys(including Roger) last Summer and we loved it! Don’t forget the macaroons!

  8. Lucky you with the weather – we had really dreadful weather, rainy and not very warm (we were there in early June). Five years ago, we went in late June, and it was blistering hot! It looks like you got the happy medium.

    I felt like I did not have a good list of restaurants to try, but in the end we were so tired at the end of the day that we ended up going to the local restaurants anyway.

    – Holly

  9. P.S. – some day I plan on going to Paris and living there for a month, so I can stroll around to my heart’s content, with no need to pack everything into 5 days. I would wake every morning, get a baguette, and just walk and walk with no real destination in mind! Wouldn’t that be heavenly? There is so much to do and see in Paris.


  10. What a special time for you both! Sights to see with culinary delights along the way. Making memories can be so much fun! Thanks for including us along the way.
    XO Lisa

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