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Taking my cue from the inimitable Ms. Vreeland and a page from J.J. Martin’s piece in today’s Off Duty section of the Wall Street Journal, I’m hoping more people realize how easy it is to travel in style. While I certainly see my fair share of well-dressed men and women flying the friendly skies, there is also a preponderance of those who feel that comfort cannot be synonymous with stylish or even neat attire. That is of course their prerogative, but as someone who is always on the lookout for the aesthetically appealing aspects of life, my inspiration lies with those who do make the effort. And as the author points out, looking presentable is frequently appreciated, and occasionally rewarded, by airline staff and security (upgrades and infrequent pat downs). I love the shot included in the WSJ piece of Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Laraine Day from 1954. Now that is “Flying in High Style.”

travel in style

photo: Bettmann/Corbis via the WSJ

But others of the era took their style to the skies as well. Supreme travel style

travel in style

Bombshell deplaning

travel in stylewith canine companion

travel in styleSwinging 60s style with Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski

travel in styleUnlike these beauties and article author, Ms. Martin, who prefer dresses for travel, I have a preference for pants, both for comfort and warmth. Unlike pre-911 travel, the travails of security is now a consideration as well, so comfort and ease, like the 60’s casually chic style of Jean Shrimpton is a model to perhaps be emulated.

travel in style

So here’s what I’ll be traveling in later today, a mix of old and new, high and low. My taste for style in travel is not far off from my preferences in interiors.

travel in styleHere’s a quick run down of the look for those interested. 1) A Ralph Lauren Collection jacket (bought at Neiman‘s Last Call sale a few seasons back) that works for both rain and cool weather layering. 2) The J. Crew minnie is a versatile classic – here in black. 3) I collect Old Navy tees and loaded up on this style which was long and slim. 4) This is my favorite go-to cashmere sweater, a fitted Italian version in a pale mushroom with beautiful subtle detailing. 5) Any who know me, know my bag. A serious but timeless investment, it is a beauty with fantastic organization and go-with-anything style. More than anything else I own, this consistently garners the most compliments. 6) I always travel with a scarf – this cotton neutral goes with my black, tan and navy travel scheme. 7)  Gucci Damo driving mocs are a fave – classic, comfortable and easy on and off at security 8) I don’t travel with much jewelry. My vintage bracelet is an everyday wardrobe staple but I always include a few chunky costume necklaces for accessorizing like this light Pono chain link.

So there you have it. Hope I’ll be getting in some good people watching of those who travel in style at the airport. Next stop Paris!

20 thoughts on “Why Don’t You | Travel in Style

  1. I agree with you Stacy I always dress nicely even if I’ll be sitting on a plane for hours. Looks like you’re wearing some nice pieces and I hope you have a fabulous trip in Paris!


  2. alleluiah! so true. I’ve had a couple of layovers in German and Italian airports and love to people watch there. (the locals, that is – you can spot the tourists a mile away) Whether in business attire or casual, they all look so well put together!

  3. GREAT post!! Have a wonderful trip to Paris! One of my best travel memories was a high school graduation trip for my daughter – just the two of us in Paris…we had such a lovely time and it was so nice to create that memory with her before she headed off to college.

  4. Lovely outfit Stacey – just wish you’d posted a pic of you in it all!!
    Do you change into something loose on the plane? I do … and I find that I feel great getting into an almost spotless outfit at the other end…. but then I do live in Australia and we travel for hours on end! Bon Voyage!

  5. We wear very similar things for travelling, Stacey, save that I usually take a heavier scarf so it doubles as a blankie. ;) I can’t tell you how many times I have been upgraded because of dressing nicely and behaving cordially.
    On month long trips, I would save something “for the plane” even if every other piece had been worn a million times, just for the pleasure of it and the respect I have for tavelling.
    Bon Voyage!
    I’ll wave up towards Paris to say Hello…

  6. Love this post! Have a safe, fun trip and as always you will look fabulous! I look forward to seeing your pictures on instagram. See you on your return, I cant wait to hear all about it!

  7. Isn’t it the truth! You know, I take pride (in myself) knowing that I took the effort to look…at least presentable. A scarf is a staple, around the neck, tied to my purse, etc. I salute you! franki

  8. Thank you. The same applies anytime you walk out the door–but to a lesser degree. The love of self and the care to put your best foot forward–sometimes all it takes is lipstick and a smile. But it does matter.
    Have a fantastic trip–I”m envisioning you deplaning with Audrey and Grace and Elizabeth.

  9. What wonderful images you’ve shared here, Jean Shrimpton, Sharon Tate and the Supremes on the go, I love it!! That is a perfect travel outfit, like your other readers I usually carry a cashmere scarf for extra warmth. I am going to have to check out the old navy tee’s haven’t worn those before. Bon Voyage.

  10. I also enjoyed this article in the WSJ Off Duty section. I travel with similar items that you suggested but I also bring a cashmere turtleneck and a cashmere blanket. It makes an unbelievable difference.

  11. bravo!

    perhaps i am of another era, that i will also “dress” for travel and am shocked how people fly these days. perhaps because as a little girl it was an occasion to fly and we dressed for the occasion.

    many an upgrades later, i would highly concur


  12. Read the article you reference just this afternoon!!! Love your outfit and I tried to do something similar for our trip to London. Found the most fantastic jackets/blazers that feel as soft as a sweater by Majestic. One in black and one in tan got me through my trip feeling pulled together with pants and a great scarf!

    And, of course, I love your bag!
    Safe travels and have fun!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  13. Dear Stacy Love the images of travels past. I too have always dressed stylish yet comfortably on trips. My late husband and I were almost always upgraded! Classic, chic, layered and great accessories do it!

    Art by Karena

  14. I agree 100%. I think there’s nothing worse than travelling with people who look like they just rolled out of bed… especially on an international flight. I always dress comfortably but nicely. And I’ve been upgraded several times because of it. And treated much better in customs, too.

  15. On my honeymoon, I wore a vintage suit, belonged to my Great Aunt Louise and I felt like a million bucks. I do think travel requires planning and careful editing when packing and the plane outfit is important. I agree with your level of care and travel ensemble.

  16. Fun post! Loved getting a bird’s eye view of chic and classic Stacey style! And while I greatly admire the fashionable traveler, admittedly, when flying long distances (as I just did to Italy with a five hour layover in Istanbul) I am a believer in comfort first! Perhaps somewhere between Jean Shrimpton and Roseanne Barr….

  17. I couldn’t agree more.
    I’ve been a flight attendant for over 22 years & you’ve seen nothing. The summer or holiday places are the worst. They arrive at the plane in flip flops with sand on their toes, sleeveless t-shirts and the underarms hair showing. Smelly to say the least…. Even in 1st class.
    We’ve taken all the beauty from our lives & that might be a reason we don’t do beautiful thing anymore. We need to recharge beauty from somewhere, but if we don’t find it…

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