Off to the City of Lights

So I’ve been waiting to tell you that tomorrow I am off to Paris for the week. My sister and I have been plotting for months and are excited to be taking my girls for their first visit to the city of lights. We hope we’ve concocted an entertaining mix of culture and fun with plenty of free time for exploring.

city of lights

I hope to be reporting in next week with some short travelogue posts for you armchair travelers. And you can of course always follow along on instagram for a little dose of francophile fun. There might even be a little stylish shopping involved. So à bientot – for those of you who do not subscribe, be sure to check in for the latest posts from Paris!

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13 Responses to Off to the City of Lights

  1. Have a wonderful trip Stacey!!… be sure to go to Le Train Bleu – a magnificent restaurant in the Gare de Lyon station – sensational!!

  2. Have a wonderful, wonderful time, Stacey. And please be sure to bring some warmish things to wear too–it has been colder this year all throughout France, Provence too!
    Enjoy it all…

  3. Patricia Flournoy says:

    Take some sweaters…It has been delightful here in Beaune(where we spend our summers) but a bit on the cool side…don’t forget to try Ze Kitchen Galerie…really excellent…

  4. Libby says:

    I just returned three days ago, and yes, cool and rainy! But lovely as ever…

  5. Have a wonderful sisters/daughters trip!! The trip we imagine for years; and it’s a perfect month for Paris! ox

  6. Bon voyage! The best trip to teach young-ens about style, food, slowing down and being less electronic (smelling the roses and being present), and did I say style and food? Have fun and report back with PHOTOS!!!

  7. Dear Stacey and T.,

    Have a fantastic time! Maybe think about a fashion post for WVFC? With the collective aesthetic sense that you and your sister have, you could give us a fantastic current view of what the Parisians are wearing this summer!


  8. Elissa Grayer says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I’m reading this as I sit with my daughters in the Jardins du Luxembourg!!! We leave for Provence tomorrow. We had a fabulous dinner last night at a very new, very chic restaurant called Monsieur Bleu. (high style decor, and not blue at all) It is right near the Eiffel Tower and at 10:55pm we left the restaurant and walked onto a bridge to watch the twinkling lights go om. It was a truly magical moment. Enjoy your trip!!!

  9. Have a wonderful trip and Paris is always wonderful. Although Paris is my No. 1 love, I’m setting my sights on Florence for this fall.

  10. Bon Voyage! Oh my, with all of the great restaurant reservations you’ve received, I want come come over as well. Looking forward to seeing Paris through your eyes! enjoy.

  11. Franki says:

    I love Paris in the Springtime…I love Paris BEST OF ALL! EnJOY! franki

  12. Kim Huebner says:

    Wishing you the best of travels, Stacey! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures! – Kim

  13. Hillary says:

    Can’t wait to live vicariously through your photo sharing! YAY! Have fun!

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