Virtual Postcard | Maya Williams in Coastal Italy

Maya Williams in Positano

Welcome to the latest episode of Virtual Postcard, our summer travel series featuring the world seen through the eyes of designer friends and style makers around the globe. Interior designer Maya Williams is a native southern Californian whose love of art, culture and history is nurtured with frequent travel.  This summer found her journeying extensively through Italy, hitting the requisite city sites but also taking her to some of my favorite destinations overlooking the Mediterranean as well. Maya compiled a envy inducing video collage of her trip down coastal Italy to share. Buon Viaggio!!

Those of you who follow Maya on Instagram, may have seen some of the scenic stops on her trip like the incredible view from her balcony in Positano, below,

Maya Williams in Positano the charming wallpaper in the Hotel Splendido in Portofino

Maya Williams | Hotel Splendido Portofino

or the inspiring upward view in the Church of San Guiseppe in Taormina, Sicily.

Maya Williams | Church of San Guiseppe Taormina in Sicily

Traveling is essential to refresh one’s eye and to remind us the importance of sense of place. Maya explained her take on travel. “Like seasons, history is cyclical and trends come and go. So it’s wonderful to travel abroad and experience the authenticity of the past with a keen eye. Architecture is so prominent with exquisitely fine details and a truthfulness to the interiors. You really feel like you’re stepping back in time, yet at the same time so refreshed and brand new. Mostly, I appreciated how everything looks so natural in it’s setting – nothing is forced or ‘designed.’ From the most grandiose and opulent of rooms in a villa down to the simplest garden terrace, everything feels pure and flawless.”

Maya Williams Design bedroom“Likewise, color is hugely important in my designs (above) and it’s always something I take note of on my travels. The island of Burano is filled with a wonderful color story. And the variation of patinas on timeworn buildings in Rome and Palermo will always be ingrained within my style.  Every shop and boutique is in on the celebration. On the coast especially, vibrant colors are everywhere. They absorb you – from the naturally bold turquoise blue ocean to the instinctive vibrant colors on the buildings and in nature. Everything is molto bello e ispirazione!?” 

Glasses in Positano by Maya Williams DesignThank you Maya for sharing your amazing trip to coastal Italy – I hope some of these fantastic glasses made it home with you from Positano!

5 thoughts on “Virtual Postcard | Maya Williams in Coastal Italy

  1. I’ve been to Italy many times, but I learned so much from Maya’s virtual postcard – thank you. I’m due for a trip back clearly.

  2. I visited those places 20 years ago with a Gutsy Women’s tour and it really is a spectacular place!!
    Almost too beautiful to describe!!!!
    I will return there for a visit soon.
    Thanks for sharing!!???⛵️

  3. My husband and I just returned from a wonderful trip taking our 19 yr old daughter to Italy for the very first time. 5 cities in 14 days gave us all such an array of experiences….each leg a unique and inspiring journey back in time. Our time was way too short on the Italian Riviera and we stayed in Rapallo. But next time I’m planning at least a week on the coast so we can enjoy Cinque Terre and Portifino and more. Great post and photos!!

  4. The Amalfi Coast is by far my favorite place to have stayed. This brought back so many wonderful and colorful memories. Thanks!! franki

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