Fashion and Decor Meet on the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List

robert couturier in Connecticut

Each year the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List arrives with great anticipation. And for 2015, the world of interiors is represented by none other than the very dapper Robert Couturier, who topped the men’s list of this year’s honorees. While Robert’s designs represent a sophisticated mix of dramatic contrasts, his fashion is decidedly classic. Frequenting the same bespoke London tailor for years, Robert eschews trendy fashion in favor of the quality of enduring style that never fails. Join Susanna for a fashionable chat with the always charming Robert.

Even in the country, Robert elevates old school style to modern chic, as below in a loden cape, when Susanna and I serendipitously ran into him a couple winters ago shopping in New Preston, Connecticut.

robert couturier in ConnecticutAnd while Robert’s sartorial tastes tend toward the understated, his interiors are anything but. Witty and bold with a modern eye, yet bolstered by his deep understanding and knowledge of classical order, his work is a masterful melding of styles and periods. In his book Designing Paradises, he explains how, “No matter how big the project, I always aim to bring a sense of levity to the design process.”

robert couturier with susanna salk in his Connecticut dining roomRobert’s own home, like the man himself, is the epitome of elegance. Here the luxury of bespoke, like the Lesage embroidered curtains in the dining room above, lives with 18th century French antiques and 20th century masters. Tag along for an encore visit with Susanna and Robert at his glorious Connecticut home to see how he created a personal paradise for an idyllic country life.

In his realm of old school meets modern world, Robert lives in comfort surrounded by what he loves. For his coveted collection of books, he created a free standing library that all began with an antique federal door. With an octagonal interior, flanked with resurrected columns from a house of the same era as the door, it is filled with books, collections and exquisite furnishings, a marvelous marriage of classic American architecture with French interior style. Tag along for a final video visit (perhaps revisit for some) in the library with Robert Couturier, a man with an inspiring sense of style in all he does (and wears)!

5 thoughts on “Fashion and Decor Meet on the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List

  1. No one does elegant, comfortable chic better than Monsieur Couturier. Susanna, thank you for taking us into these rooms that aren’t given their due justice with still photos. Monsieur Couturier has found a fascinating balance between European formality and Yankee tradition in the setting. However, you left me wanting more- I would have loved to have seen so much more of the house and the beautiful property which is breathtaking. Thank you, Monsieur Couturier for allowing the cameras to roam as far as they did.

  2. This gentleman is my hero…“No matter how big the project, I always aim to bring a sense of levity to the design process.” YES!! franki

  3. Oh I remember first seeing that dining room with the embroidered panels! So glorious! Robert is always so tasteful in all ways and a gentleman superb! Thank you for the wonderful videos, Stacey, Susanna and Robert.

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    Artist Nicoletta Belletti

  4. It was a pure joy to watch this wonderful video & see his exquisite home & extroadinary furnishings along with his incredible gardens! He is simply a delight & a true Connesseur of only the very finest!

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