At Home with Susanna Salk and Timothy Corrigan in Los Angeles

Dining room at Timothy Corrigan in Los Angeles

When visiting Timothy Corrigan in Los Angeles, you are greeted with the same sense of comfort and elegance that is evident in all he does. Whether in France or California, Timothy effortlessly melds his easy west coast livability with a stylish European sensibility. And while there is definitely an appreciation of old world splendor, the classic prewar Georgian colonial is most definitely designed for today’s lifestyle. Join Susanna and me as we share our special stay at Tim’s gracious LA home.

Hancock Park, where Timothy lives, seems an east coast-like anomaly in sprawling Los Angeles. Developed in the 1920’s, with tree lined streets and pedestrian friendly sidewalks, it is a neighborhood with timeless appeal. It is no wonder that Tim gravitated toward this charming area imbued with a sense of history and stability. Once reunited with his childhood home, Tim went about restoring its prewar dignity, first making architectural adjustments for better flow and more gracious contemporary living. The living room, for example, features a new plasterwork ceiling, a fireplace mantel from France and architectural detailing that needed to be adapted for the new room openings.

Timothy Corrigan Los Angeles living room with mantelAfter enhancing the livability of the spaces, Tim layered in his signature mix of antiques with comfy sink-in upholstered pieces and an eclectic collection of art. The elegant entry features a study by Jacques-Louis David, for his famous Leonidas at Thermopylae that hangs in the Louvre, over an Italian chest supporting a handsome grouping, from classic bouillotte lamp to ormolu clock to a pair of marble obelisks.

Timothy Corrigan in Los Angeles entry

In fact, you’ll find a variety of marble obelisks in almost every room – one of Tim’s favorite accessories!

Timothy Corrigan in Los Angeles family room with obelisks

Dining room at Timothy Corrigan in Los Angeles

And outside is as warm and welcoming as inside,

Timothy Corrigan in Los Angeles terrace

where Timothy set up a lovely lunch for us. Everything looked beautiful on a tablecloth of his Schumacher Pickfair Paisley fabric and his Star porcelain dinnerware for Royal Limoges.

Entertaining at Timothy Corrigan in Los AngelesSo merci Timothy, we love your gracious hospitality and welcoming style!

Susanna Salk with Timothy Corrigan in Los Angeles

To experience more of Timothy’s comfortable elegance, join us for a visit to his incredible Loire Valley château, where Susanna and I were lucky enough to be guests last year!

With luxury projects around the world, Timothy is known for his extensive use and knowledge of antiques. He promotes buying pieces at all price points and stresses that antiques can be affordable as well as good investments, especially when sourced at auctions and flea markets. Join us for an entertaining and enlightening visit with Tim to the famous Marché aux Puces St-Ouen de Clignancourt in Paris, the largest flea market in the world. With inspiration, temptation and shopping tips you’ll feel like you’re there!

 all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

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11 thoughts on “At Home with Susanna Salk and Timothy Corrigan in Los Angeles

  1. Incredible and so glorious, just like Timothy and everything he does!
    Thank you Stacey, Susanna, and Tim!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Nicoletta Belletti

  2. Stacey and Susanna,
    What a pleasure to view this beautiful video. I felt has if I were eavesdropping on a couple
    of old friends spending time together. So warm and cozy yet so elegant!
    Perfection. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. These videos were such a treat!! Thank for you taking us inside Timothy’s stunning environments and shopping in Paris!

  4. Stacey and Susanna: Thank you so much for the wonderful article and video. You guys should have your own television show; i love watching all of your videos. please, please keep it coming! Again, many thanks. xo tc

  5. I had bookmarked this one and hadn’t seen it before. Timothy Corrigan is my idea of an Old School Gentleman Decorator. So classic, erudite and knowledgeable. I’ve even had a few back and forths with him on instagram and he is just delightful and oh-so gracious. What a lovely home! Hancock Park is such a beautiful area. And I’m so jealous of his collection of Grand Tour souvenirs! Thank you.

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