Nantucket Friday Favorites – Guest House Chic

Nantucket guest house living room

One of the most photo friendly areas on Nantucket is the charming town of Sconset in the southeast corner of the island. With an abundance of rose covered cottages and a tiny “town,” it is brimming with history and nostalgia.

Nantuket guest house garageSeveral years ago, I shared one of my first house tours –  a stylish home on the Bluff. Today we visit their guest house, where style and comfort meet summer living with ease.

Nantucket guest house porch

While the guest house has been renovated, it retains a cottage feel and proportion, with lattice trim, deep overhangs and more whimsical architectural details, distinguishing it from the main house.

Nantucket guest 1 house

The entry reflects the vintage Nantucket vibe with an antique painted chest, bamboo frame mirror and shell and sailing accessories that inform the cheerful informality of the house.

Nantucket guest house entry

Nantucket guest house entry from aboveWhen updating the guest house, the owner had seen a painted floor Bob Christian had done for  Suzanne Rheinstein in her NYC apartment, that she had reproduced for the entire downstairs, unifying the entry, living/dining areas and kitchen with an airy graphic appeal.

Nantucket guest house living room

And while my friend has a great eye and is a resourceful collector, she needed assistance pulling it all together. Designer Lee Ann Thornton was brought in, who updated the furniture with a light, timeless touch and dark wicker accents,

Nantucket guest house living room seating

all of which paired perfectly with my friend’s vintage pieces.

Nantucket guest house living room details

Pass by the kitchen with a wink and head down the hall,

Nantucket guest house welcome

where the rustic ocean art meets mud room overflow.

Nantucket guest house hallPainted floors are a theme and this bath segues between the grays in the patterned floor above

Nantucket guest house bathand the bedroom beyond, below.

Nantucket guest house bedroomShip art and the owners’ collections of dioramas pop against the gray walls,

Nantucket guest house bedroom with ship dioramasas do a weathered gilt mirror

Nantucket guest house mirror

and vintage painted chest, perfectly placed in a niche.

Nantucket guest house painted chestThe horizontal plank walls continue upstairs

Nantucket guest house stairwellwith fun decorative balusters, echoing details my friend had seen in a historic building on island.

Nantucket guest house balusters

Upstairs, the bird themed master bedroom is open to the rafters

Nantucket guest house master bedroom

Nantucket guest house master bedroom 2

with an airy blue and white mix

guest room Nantucket guest house

and views of the ocean beyond.

Nantucket guest house views

While the bath has all modern conveniences, it retains its cottage charm with a splatter paint floor and more nautical art.

Nantucket guest house master bath

Nantucket guest house master bath 2all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

This guest house, like the main house, has serious beach chic appeal. With authenticity, personality and an appropriate sense of place, it is the perfect outpost for summers filled with family, fun and carefree living with style! Thank you to my friends for letting me share their fabulous home.

Nantucket guest house lawn







17 thoughts on “Nantucket Friday Favorites – Guest House Chic

  1. The epitome of an all-American family compound on Nantucket. Thank you for sharing both the guest and main house with us. Such a treat!

  2. Lovely…my wife & I spent many years there (30 years ago)..we rented from Bill Haddon…wondering if you want your lovely cottage or know of people who do…thank you for reading this

  3. Aren’t those floors by Bob Christian Decorative Art? I saw these in Suzanne Rheinstein’s book. Shouldn’t he get credit?

  4. This home is a dream – – such a tasteful seaside cottage that shows something relatively modest in scale can be filled with charm. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Loved this post ~ thank you! Can you tell me about the runner carpet on the staircases? Pattern, brand, etc. Many thanks!!

  6. Wanted to visit Nantucket but was impossible to get there with a car and my handicap friend . What a let downMaria

  7. The floors are beautiful, however Bob Christian Decorative Art did the original version and I think we all need to remember to give credit when credit is due to another artist for their time, labor and inspiration.

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