AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

If I were to bury my ashes at Bergdorf’s, it would probably be on the seventh floor, where all temptation for the home resides. And now is a particularly alluring time to visit as AERIN has partnered with Bergdorf Goodman in their hallowed hall to showcase her extensive fall line of decorative accessories, set within stylish vignettes featuring her furniture and lighting collections. Inspired by her grandmother’s NYC townhouse, where Aerin spent many hours of her formative years, the collection echoes the artistic European influence in Estée’s home. There contemporary artwork mingled with the legacy of Austrian architect and designer Josef Hoffmann (Aerin lived in Vienna when her father, who later co-founded the Neue Gallerie, was ambassador) as well as other major European styles. And AERIN translates that sophisticated sensibility into a luxurious yet effortless elegance for today.  Below her French mid-century inspired Willow Chairs, so chic in leopard, sit with the marble and brass Flint nesting tables

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

beneath her Heather ceiling light, an intricate and feminine interpretation of traditional glamour.

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

Her Washington bookcases are the perfect vehicles to display many of her accessories.

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

The fall collection includes luxurious new materials and finishes as well as many objects in Aerin’s signature gold. One of my favorite introductions is the new plum-like Maurice finish seen here on the beautiful Geo Vase. And it’s small pieces, like the charming flower dishes that are perfect for accessorizing cocktail, bedside, vanity or even dinner tables.

AERIN at Bergdorf GoodmanThe same gorgeous Maurice finish is seen on the Floral Vases, fabulous organic pieces in either size. The gold Oval Vase is a staple of the original Essesntials collection.

AERIN at Bergdorf GoodmanThe Maurice Nesting Floral bowls is a gift-worthy set for a special someone. Behind is the medium gold flecked bowl from the Essentials Collection.

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

The new amber finish on the Smooth Vase is a warm alternative to the Maurice, shown in lovely contrast to the net gold glamour of the Textured Vase, illustrating the wonderful mix and match quality of the collection.

AERIN at Bergdorf GoodmanAnother new ceramic finish is a wonderfully earthy marbleized clay in brown, available as a versatile gold rimmed charger or shallow bowl, below.

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

Aerin’s favorite neutral is always gold and there are quite a few new pieces. Sitting on the Essentials Collection’s gold linen jewelry box is the chic new square grid ceramic box. Made in Italy, like all the ceramic pieces, it is luxurious glazed with 18k gold.

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

The new cone match striker below also comes in a handsome chocolate shagreen with matching matchbox sleeve (the shagreen also appears on boxes, coasters and a tray) and the straw texture gold is a new finish for a classic Textured Bowl.

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

Exclusive to Bergdorf’s are luxurious pieces fabricated in a stunning semi-precious Tiger’s Eye. Bottle openers, below,

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

picture perfect frames

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodmanbottle stoppers and elegantly rimmed tray as well as other decorative objects are thoughtful gifts for the man or woman who have everything.

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman But the pièce de résistance just might be the magnificent shagreen backgammon set.

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

Hand crafted with an inlaid burlwood interior,

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

it has exquisite details, from gold rimmed shagreen checkers

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

to suede lining and beautiful brass detailing. A special gift for someone who has been very very good.

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

For those of you who live locally, next time you’re in the vicinity, stroll up to the seventh floor at 58th and 5th and you can experience the world of AERIN in person.

AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

And to get a glimpse of her Southampton life, be sure to join us behind the scenes for our video with Aerin at her beautiful Hamptons home and shop here.

Aerin Lauder's Southampton home


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9 Responses to AERIN at Bergdorf Goodman

  1. Jane K. Schott says:

    Lush. Just lush.

  2. Trudy Dujardin says:

    Fabulous! You are right – gold and brass are back.

  3. Ellen Fisch says:

    Exquisite furnishings with a wonderful European influence. What better way to revisit the magnificent designs of the master Josef Hoffman than through the stunning designs Aerin Lauder. All are extremely beautiful and the gold adds a further dimension of elegance! Thanks for this wonderful look at home at its best!

  4. Splendid details! I see brass and gold are making a comeback

  5. Lisa Porter says:

    Thank you Stacey ~ invited Taylor to watch Bury My Ashes… last night and she loved it. We then moved on to your behind the scenes visit with Aerin. Be complimented when I tell you that afterwards she was very curious and wanted to know more about the woman behind the scenes at Quintessence!
    I think you might have a new follower ~

  6. Design Chic says:

    Bergdorf’s 7th floor is always a must when we visit NYC, and now we have even more of a reason. I am completely obsessed with every single item. Aerin has a wonderful eye for detail, and I’ll take one of each!!

  7. Phyllis says:

    Much to love here (I agree gold is a neutral) – coveting the backgammon board and the Maurice nesting bowls, also have a weakness for match strikers!

  8. I laughed out load at your “If I were to bury my ashes at Bergdorf’s, it would probably be on the seventh floor, where all temptation for the home resides.” So reminiscence of a line from You Got Mail. (Whatever happen to Meg Ryan anyways?) The plum Maurice finish, that gorgeous chandelier and Washington bookcases had me at hello. Josef Hoffman echos in Aerin’s beautiful line. All the best, Rié

  9. We’ve been hearing about this hall ever since we met with our BG buyers at tabletop in April and love seeing the pictures at last. We have not had a chance to get into the city much so we appreciate your guided tour of the 7th Floor! That backgammon set is gorgeous and takes the game to a whole new level. We hope you’re enjoying the last days of August.
    C + C

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