At Home in Connecticut with Susanna Salk and Alexandra Champalimaud

Award winning designer Alexandra Champalimaud not only brings a wealth of knowledge and international experience to every project she touches but a sixth sense. Whether a luxury hotel in China or Japan, a charming inn in the Hamptons or a spa in rural Connecticut, she intuitively knows how to connect a specific sense of place with extraordinary style. For Alexandra, it’s all about the story. And hers is a very special one. Born and raised in Lisbon, she left during Portugal’s 1974 military coup and moved to Montreal where she raised her children as a single mother while establishing her eponymous firm 30 years ago. Now with her company located in New York, she continues to grow and have prestigious projects around the world. And yet in meeting her, she is down to earth, funny and wise. Join us for a video visit with the talented designer at her historic home in Litchfield, Connecticut.

Sophisticated and stylish with a remarkable zest for life, Alexandra is as enthusiastic about a new smoothie recipe as a huge project half way around the globe as the biggest fish she ever caught. Her home is a personal expression where her respect for history, love of the outdoors, and passion for great design and craftsmanship fuse into a coherent vision.

Alexandra Champalimaud at her Connecticut house

Alexandra Champalimaud Connecticut house

Alexandra Champalimaud Connecticut house

Alexandra Champalimaud Connecticut houseAlexandra Champalimaud Connecticut houseAlways looking forward, she has a need-to-know thirst for what’s new and what’s next. And it’s this infectious passion for every aspect of life, tempered with her vast knowledge of art, history and culture that makes her one of the most sought after hospitality designers in the world. I have written about her design for the penthouse suite at the Fairmont in San Francisco, her renovation of the landmark Hotel Bel-Air and her chic outdoor fabric collection The Comptoirs for Holland & Sherry.  She is a tough woman to keep up with but a few recent projects include the restoration of the lobby at the iconic Waldorf Astoria, where the hotel’s historic past was melded with a modern outlook,

Alexandra Champalimaud design for the lobby at the Waldorf Astoriaand the redesign of the the New York Palace lobby (ceiling below),

Alexandra Champalimaud design for the lobby at the New York Palacelobby lounge and sleek Troubles Trust Bar, a modern midtown retreat with rich leather paneled walls and a sleek liquid metal bar.

Alexandra Champalimaud design for the Trouble Trust bar at the New York Palace

Originally constructed as a Greek revival mansion in 1842, Topping Rose House is now a charming inn in Bridgehampton where Champalimaud-designed interiors are an appropriate melding of historic and contemporary elements.

Alexandra Champalimaud design at Topping Rose House

And in NYC, two upper east side brownstones and the Atterbury masion, formerly owned by the Whitney Museum, are being transformed into ten bespoke condominium residences with Champalimaud designed interiors.


Champalimaud upper east side condominiumsChampalimaud upper east side condominiumsAlexandra is an inspiration, a towering talent who has managed to run a distinguished internationally respected design firm and still “keep it real” with integrity, humanity and a great sense of humor. Susanna and I thank you for taking the time to spend an afternoon with us in the country. We can’t wait to see what you’re up to next!

Susanna Salk and Alexandra Champalimaud

9 thoughts on “At Home in Connecticut with Susanna Salk and Alexandra Champalimaud

  1. What a wonderful house! Such a happy little shock of recognition when I noticed that at least I share Alexandra’s wall colors in two of my rooms: the navy, and the red…sadly, nothing else is the same:-)
    Enjoyed this post so very much- one of my favorites EVER, thank you, Susanna

  2. Hello: Love The Palace ceiling…can you please tell me more about it? What are the balls made of and are they illuminated? Thx.
    Love your blog…so inspiring.

  3. “No Fear”–my inspiration for today. What an amazing woman. Her scope is incredibly wide. As always, this was a fantastic interview. So sorry about Susanna’s hand–hope it gets better ASAP==not good for tennis. xoxo Mary

  4. With each new video I say, “oh, this is my favorite,” and so this IS my favorite. It has everything: style, inspiration, history, design, and I especially love the birthing room a la pantry! I shall watch this over and over again. Thank you!

  5. I love the historic details of her country house, but then to see that against the variety of her projects is really amazing. It is truly a great designer who could bridge the past and future so well together.

  6. What a great blog and lovely article Susanna. Alexandra is one of the greatest and a long-time favorite – the embodiment of chic, cool, charm, flair, and soul. Love your work! :)

  7. What a great blog and lovely article. Alexandra is one of the greatest and a long time favorite – the embodiment of chic, cool, flair, and soul. A room designed by Alexandra is like a kiss from the style gods – love your work! :)

  8. I am so trying to find the Charlotte outdoor fabrics!

    The local “Sutherland” knew nothing!

    HELP!!! Doing a beach house right now near Santa Barbara…..and need her fabrics!

    No one at the local (Los Angeles) Sutherland showroom had ever heard of her!




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