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As we were all reminded by Deborah Needleman in her revelatory editor’s letter in this week’s inspiring issue of T magazine, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes at a publication to make it all happen in a seamless successful way. And while my modest site is certainly not the New York Times, there is still quite a bit that goes on to bring you original and what I hope is quality content on a regular basis. This is perhaps even more the case with Susanna Salk’s and my collaboration for our video series. It takes a great deal of trust, tenacity, time and talent on everyone’s parts to ultimately bring these videos to the small screen.  So it is with great pride, and a nod of appreciation to you viewers and all the designers and stylemakers we feature, that I share we have reached 300,000 views on YouTube! Earlier this summer, I assembled a “where we’ve been and where we’re going” short piece, which I updated a bit to celebrate! Join us for a peek. We’re honored to be giving design a voice! To see the entire series, visit the Quintessence YouTube channel, and be sure to subscribe so you don’t ever miss a thing!

11 thoughts on “Giving Design a Voice

  1. I just love the video series- love that you are able to see a glimpse of the ‘whole person’, rather than just the flat ‘designer’ as you would in a magazine. My favorite so far has been Bunny Williams- she is as likeable in person as in print!
    Thank you..

  2. THANK YOU, Stacy and Susanna!!! I will never skip by a Quintessence post because I know it will always inspire my day. Your combined talents are such a great gift to all of us in the world of interiors, xoxox

  3. This fills me with so much joy! Wow, just stop and pat yourself on the back for a minute!! THANK YOU for bringing us along and sharing your journey with all those who share design as a calling and passion. I bow in gratitude and admiration. Bravissime!!!

  4. Ladies, You bring such a bright light to the design and style world with these personal videos of those we love in the business!! Thank you so very much!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. How silly of me , thought it was just the two of you. Congratulations, such excitement when I receive an e mail saying you have just put up a new post . Always so interesting , diverse and informative, could not imagine my life without them !!

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