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Gary McBournie Nantucket entry At Home on Nantucket with Gary McBournie

Drive up to designer Gary McBournie‘s charming Nantucket home and you are greeted by an enormous green privet hedge punctuated by a vibrant blue door, beyond which a gorgeous courtyard blooming with hydrangea and island friendly flowers reveals itself like a secret garden.…
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Arriving in Style with Quintessence Arriving in Style with Quintessence

Over the course of the year, Susanna and I are always busy filming design friends across the country and around the world. You never know what awaits you behind every door, gate or threshold! So for even those who are faithful readers in these parts, I encourage you to subscribe to our Quintessence At Home With video series on YouTube because I know you’ll never want to miss a thing.…
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Quintessence video series | giving design a voice Giving Design a Voice

As we were all reminded by Deborah Needleman in her revelatory editor’s letter in this week’s inspiring issue of T magazine, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes at a publication to make it all happen in a seamless successful way.…
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