Join Us Around the World and At Home

Around the World and At Home at the Darien Library

While Susanna and I have often spoken together at private events and clubs across the country, we have never spoken at a Connecticut venue open to the public. So I am excited to invite all local readers and friends to come hear us at the Darien Library next Wednesday evening. As a Darien resident, I am delighted to support our incredible “new” library, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. It is a fantastic and innovative resource for our vibrant community with the highest per capita circulation in Connecticut (more than 32 items per resident checked out each year).

Around the World and At Home at the Darien LibraryWe will be chatting about our video series with behind the scenes footage, images and stories. For any of you who have ever wondered what it’s like visiting these amazing homes near and far around the globe, it will be an opportunity to learn more about where we’ve been, where we’re going, how we do it and our amazing and talented subjects to whom we are so grateful!!

We have been lucky enough to be the guests of such design talents as Carolyne Roehm in Connecticut

Susanna Salk and Carolyne Roehm via Quintessence

Alex Papachristidis in the Hamptons

Susanna Salk and Alex Papachristidis in Quintessence video series

Robert Couturier in Connecticut


Brian McCarthy in upstate New York

Brian McCarthy and Susanna Salk via Quintessence

Ken Fulk in Provincetown

Susanna Salk and Ken Fulk via Quintessence

Romeo Sozzi on Lake Como

Romeo Sozzi and Susanna Salk on Lake Como via Quintessence

and Timothy Corrigan literally around the world and at home!

timothy corrigan and susanna salk in France via Quintessencetimothy corrigan and susanna salk in France via Quintessence

Timothy Corrigan and Susanna Salk via Quintessence-1

We will of course have a Q and A at the end so get ready with your questions – we’d love to hear who you’ve especially loved, who you’d like to see and any suggestions for future venues. So put it on your calendar – we can’t wait to see you around the world and at home!

Windsor Smith kitchen via Quintessence

Brian McCarthy country house via Quintessence

At Home with Hutton Wilkinson via Quintessence

Laura Slatkin home via Quintessence

Timothy Corrigan chateau

Michael Bruno house via Quintessence

Dawnridge via Quintessence

all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

8 thoughts on “Join Us Around the World and At Home

  1. I am crossing my fingers that I can be there to meet the dynamic duo that gives so many hours of inspiration and elevates the voyeur in us all. A forever fan from Bronxville NY.

  2. Reading and Watching “your” series is one of my very favorite highlights! Continued success…and FUN!! franki

  3. This sounds amazing, do you do this in other cities? I have followed you for a long time, as an interior designer myself.
    Hope you tape this and share…love all of your adventures!!!!

  4. I also live too far away, unfortunately! Please video your Darien visit and share with us soon. Have fun!

  5. It is a great pleasure to enjoy the places and people you share with us, and that THEY are willing to have us see their amazing places. Thank you. In this world of so much difficulty and strife, I find it so soothing for the spirit to at least visually experience the spaces they have created.

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