At Home in Charleston with Jill Sharp Weeks

Jill Sharp Weeks

Jill Sharp Weeks was clearly destined for a career in design. Growing up surrounded by her great great uncle’s paintings (American impressionist William S. Robinson), a photographer father and impressionable teenage years spent living in Japan, it is not surprising that Jill has developed a unique and distinct aesthetic that has informed everything she touches. Please join Susanna and me for a memorable weekend visiting Jill and husband Ray in Charleston at their remarkable renovated historic home!

Having begun her career styling for renowned photographer Tim Street Porter, Jill continued to hone her talent and eye for design, producing and styling features for major international publications, as well as creating visual imagery for prominent companies and corporations. In 2002, she was named the first creative director for Ballard Designs, staying on as a style and product consult until 2015.

Jill Sharp WeeksPutting her unique and stylish stamp on everything from what she wears to where she lives and how she entertains,

Jill Sharp Weeks Picasso party in CharlestonJill is a creative force to be reckoned with. Her sensibility is inclusive and yet distinct, ranging across cultures and periods to create surprising juxtapositions that delight the eye and sooth the soul.


Jill Sharp Weeks bedroomSince 2014, Jill has worked on design projects from old adobes, farm houses and historic homes. Generally gravitating toward organic, natural materials, Jill’s work incorporates gutsy and graphic elements that instantly offer warmth to the homes’ more modern open architectural plans.

Jill Sharp Weeks Charleston kitchen

With choices often bold and daring, every space is nuanced with edited art, artisanal products and detailed personal vignettes.

Jill Sharp Weeks Charleston guest roomAnd whether fashion or interiors, Jill has an innate and creative style that embraces the beauty of imperfection.

Jill Sharp Weeks in her Charleston home

Jill is, on top of all her other accomplishments, an exuberant survivor. Her recent second bout with cancer and brca2+ diagnosis has not held her back and she continues to create, thinking about her first book, delving into collage and painting and working on STABLE, one of her passion projects involving product collaborations with like-minded artists and friends.

Susanna Salk and Jill Sharp Weeksall photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

So thank you Jill and Ray – we had the most marvelous time living in your exceptional Charleston world!!

45 thoughts on “At Home in Charleston with Jill Sharp Weeks

  1. I am so inspired. I spend most of my creative power on my shop and neglect my personal space. I need to reorder my priorities now! Thank you for giving me that shove that has been desperately needed. xoxo Mary

  2. What an amazing woman !
    Beautiful , clever , stylish and above all a survivor – what an inspiration .
    Loved this post .
    Anthony Ferrie

  3. Seriously????? So much inspiration. Intimate, aspirational, creative, fun. Please keep doing what you are doing. I gobble up each post. Thank you so much

  4. Jill is one fabulous creative woman! Every detail is amazing. What a great party she gives!
    Loved every minute of this video. Thank you!

  5. Outstanding LONG for a change!….video….such a creative woman..can’t say enough for her talent and unique outlook on life.
    There’s a book:I Want To Be Her….about sums Jill up from my point of view…thank you Stacy and Susannah!
    Five stars!

  6. This is the most textured, balanced vision you’ve shown us yet! Absolutely stunning…love your website!

  7. Amazing Charleston home and interesting lady…love your videos and opportunity to meet such creative individuals. Charleston is such a charming city.

  8. Love your blog and the videos, but it seems as if the posts are becoming less and less frequent. Hope there is a lot more coming our way!

  9. Your blog is such fun and inspiring.
    But this one is truly my all time favorite. I’m in awe of Jill. I’ve followed her progression of homes and this last one is the most remarkable. Thanks for everything you both do.

  10. What a treat. So much to absorb but obsessed with those straw pendant lights over the dinjng table! Stacey – I hope you were filming aboard an equally spectacular boat!

  11. This is just a stunning video every shot is gorgeous!
    Jill is inspirational! I have followed her work for years, it only gets better!!!

  12. I think this is what one steps into once past the gates of heaven!Thank you for sharing and inspiring. Can you please let me know what and where to get the kitchen wall tile? Also the medallion kitchen exhaust fan .

  13. Thanks for stopping by Kelly – and agree, Jill’s house is an inspiration! I’ll have her weigh in here on your questions!

  14. Hi Kelly! The kitchen wall tile was purchased from Clé Tile – it is handmade in Marrakech – many beautiful colors to choose from if you visit their site.
    I had the brass cover for our wall exhaust fan (similar to a bathroom ceiling fan – just stronger suction) cut at a metal shop that can computerize designs and fabricate. Laser cutting metal it what you would want to ask for.


  15. This was my most favorite of all the home tours you have done. Jill has amazing style. I loved this peek into how she lives her life. May I ask, Is Jill’s bed custom made? The shape of it is beautiful and something I’ve been looking for. Thank you for this terrific visit with her.

  16. Thank you for the info about your beautiful tile. I need to know 1. Who made your kitchen island?
    2. What are your kitchen countertops made of and how did you get that cool edge on them?
    3. Who made your pretty grey sofa?
    4. Who made your artwork behind your bed?
    Thank you in advance. Your home is such a beauty, I want to buy it fully furnished.

  17. Hi Kim / posted on March 7, 2020 / our bed is recently from Restoration Hardware and I opted for an outdoor linen weave fabric. Nigel is famous for putting his paws on the side of the bed to be lifted up so I wanted fabric that wouldn’t show those paw prints! It has worn beautifully and I love the design. Thanks for commenting.

  18. Hi Anne / posted March 11, 2020 / Hello! In answer to your questions: 1/ I designed the Kitchen Island hoping that it did not feel like a permanent piece of furniture – my goal was that it looked floaty – so it had 2 layers of shelves that are made of slatted open wood – I don’t typically like islands (I normally like large tables) but this has really been a work horse – the wood we used as the counter on the island was taken from a table that I had owned for 20 years that had planks with sensational patina – We had it fabricated in Charleston by a custom woodworker 2/ The 3” thick stone countertops are Belgian Bluestone with a flamed finish on the surface that gives them a high degree of irregularity – very textural – the edge detail is one that I have long admired and was done by the fabricators in Belgium – it was a little risky ordering the counters this way but we had precise drawings that gave us good confidence that they would fit our cabinetry once they arrived in South Carolina 3/ The low grey sofa is designed by John Derian and manufactured by Cisco 4/ The artwork behind the bed is from a stone cutting yard in France – it is 2 very oversized pieces of plywood that were used under slabs of stone and the unusual marks are from the saw blades going back and forth – I purchased this through a favorite source in Atlanta – South of Market – owned by Kay Douglass – unfortunately this year, she closed her shop and now is exclusively doing residential design work. Thanks for your interest!

  19. This is my all-time favorite. Jill inspired so many ideas to implement. I ordered black pencils and created our family brand! Little everyday things that just make me happy!

  20. Not to be redundant but your style is brilliant. I must get to the point: what is the make of your range exhaust and where did you purchase it??? I am in the process of renovating a 1925 Tudor kitchen and need the info pronto. Much thanks, D.

  21. I saw what she said about “leaning art.” One peace was off to the right on her head board. My neighbor gave me a piece of artwork. It went straight to my desk, leaned on the wall on the far left. Under a lamp. Beautiful!

  22. Amazing style that is comfortable, practical, aesthetic, and unique. Loved your African bead necklaces, clothing, the desk with iron legs, and the variety of pots and pantry furnishings. This is a long list! Any suggestions on where to find these types of finds near Altanta? Thanks so much!

  23. Hi Jill,

    I am fascinated by the abstract pieces of artwork displayed in your home. They tend to have tan, black and whitish colours. Could you please share who the artists are?

    Many thanks,

  24. I keep coming back to this video and this blog entry… time and time again because it’s near perfection to my heart. Living on a farm in the Midwest, I crave the historical charm of Charleston and her beautiful gardens (Charleston is definitely female!). If I can live there, even for a moment, vicariously, I may be temporarily content. I’m a lover of restoration and old structure conversions and Jill and Ray’s home is the perfect mesh of all things beautiful. Bravo everyone… and thank you Susanna and Stacey for your beautiful work.

    • Well thank you Lisa! So glad you enjoy Jill’s many talents, the blog and the video series!! Much appreciated.

  25. I have just discovered you by chance on you tube. Your style is exquisite. I live in NZ and have searched for a black and white kimono dress like you were wearing. Could you please tell me where it’s from? Thank you so much.
    Stay safe

  26. I discovered THIS video and then fell down the rabbit hole that is Quintessence. I love it all. But Jill Sharp Weeks’ home singularly tricks my brain into thinking that I can actually feel the textures, basque in the warmth of the sun beaming through an upstairs window, breathe in the scents of her collections and woven items and experience what it must be like to be a visitor to that charming home. I will continue to watch this episode over and over, as each time I do I glean another morsel of inspiration. Thank YOU, Jill and Susanna!!

    • Thank you Tiffany! So glad you have found Quintessence. Jill is so talented – glad you enjoyed! – Stacey (aka Quintessence and behind the camera for the videos).

  27. This is my absolute favorite of the homes I’ve seen! Her style is incredible! Her home reminds me of a gallery but somehow just cozy and comfy! I loved every room – every object! The textures make the home come to life! Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous home! It’s my dream home! I take the still shots with me when I go to flea markets and antique stores and fabric stores! Just flawless!

    • So glad you loved! Jill is so talented. She was also featured in my book I collaborated on with Susanna – At Home with Designers and Tastemakers – see it in the book section here on my site.

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