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As if the New Preston, CT outpost of Richard Lambertson’s and Suzanne Cassano’s chic shop Privet House wasn’t tempting enough already, this weekend marked the opening of Privet Lives (so clever) in the charmingly diminutive space next door.

Privet LivesA rotating concept shop featuring “highly covetable brands, designers, artisans and artists,” Privet Lives debuted with the gorgeous textile creations of Madeline Weinrib. From rugs and pillows to clothing, tabletop and more, the shop was brimming with colorful creativity.

Privet Lives debut with Madeline WeinribIn the clean and well lit space, it was easy (and tempting) to peruse the well edited version of Madeline’s beautiful creations

Madeline Weinrib at Privet Lives

in color coordinated displays.

Madeline Weinrib

Privet Lives debuts with Madeline Weinrib

Mixed with pieces from the larger store next door, you’ll want to find a space to put everything.

Privet Lives debuts with Madeline Weinrib

And just in time for summer entertaining, they have you covered. From tabletop

Privet Lives debuts with Madeline Weinrib

to wardrobe, it’s one stop shopping (all other tabletop must-haves next door).

Privet Lives debuts with Madeline Weinrib

And stop by at the end of the day and you just might be able to start your evening’s festivities a tad early.

Privet Lives debuts with Madeline Weinrib

(yes, I stopped by more than once)

Privet Lives debuts with Madeline Weinrib

Madeline’s installation will remain at the shop through Labor Day. (For back story inspiration, stop by to see Susanna Salk’s and my video visit to her studio here.)

And then in early fall through the holidays, another exciting collaboration will come to Privet Lives that you won’t want to miss.

4 thoughts on “Welcome Privet Lives

  1. Stacy, I have lusted over Madeline’s rugs forever and now all of her new lines. Your video of her and Susanna is a must see for anyone who has not yet enjoyed it!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Wonderful. I don’t think there is a single thing that I wouldn’t want for my home/porch/closet.
    Thank you. I would be interested in knowing whether MW has some sort of venue down here in Gtwn/DC. I think I’ll do some sleuthing.

  3. I was one of the loyal patrons of Privet House in Greenwich and was sad to see them go. I’m so happy to know that they have created a new haven. Road trip!!!

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