At Home on the Hudson with Marian McEvoy

Whoever coined the phrase “it’s all in the mix,” must have had the creative and effervescent Marian McEvoy in mind. With a fearless style and steady hand, she takes do-it-yourself crafting to an entirely new level of sophistication. Susanna and I were thrilled to visit Marian in her über charming Hudson River Valley home. Tag along and learn the real power of a glue gun.

With a distinguished early career in fashion, Marian McEvoy was Paris fashion editor for WWD by her early 20’s. The city of lights agreed with her and she remained for 17 years as both an editor and writer, cavorting with everyone from a young Karl Lagerfeld

Marian McEvoy and Karl Lagerfeld

to fashion mentor Yves Saint Laurent, shown here with Marian in Morocco,

marian mcevoy and yves saint laurentclearly the inspiration for her own back yard, below.

Marian McEvoy backyardMarian is hardly a name dropper but it seems she knows everyone and their names are an integral part of her storied career. Following her original stint in Paris and a brief second go around, she returned to New York, segueing into the realm of the home. As editor-in-chief of Elle Decor for almost a decade, she was one of the most revered and respected editors around, growing the magazine into a force in the industry. Her personal and opinionated approach to decor is seen in her own home where every room is enhanced by the touch of the  glue gun, as explained in her book, Glue Gun Decor. From a chesterfield sofa

Marian McEvoy glue gunned chesterfield sofa

to a myriad of accessories

Marian McEvoy house

no surface is left untouched by Marian’s bold and expressive hand.

Marian McEvoy dining room

From the command central of her amazing craft room

Marian McEvoy craft room

an impressive outpouring of creativity flows forth. And Marian makes it seem so easy – we of course know better. So thank you, Marian, for a day of insight and inspiration. We had a ball!

19 thoughts on “At Home on the Hudson with Marian McEvoy

  1. We adore Marion McEvoy. Thrilled to see this piece on her from you. Thank you. In a 2002 article about designer Richard Frinier (in the Los Angeles Times), Marion was quoted as saying this about Richard’s design work, “Outdoor furniture was pretty dowdy until Richard goosed it and brought in sex appeal and excitement,” says Marian McEvoy, editor in chief of House Beautiful. “He did it by not copying the same old things … he came up with original forms and took the latest materials to a level that was really chic.”

  2. Bravo Susanna and Stacey on this wonderful feature on the oh so artful Marian. Susann I recall how much I loved her living room featured in your book “Decorate Fearlessly” and am so glad to know more about her!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Marian just seems so normal, in the sense that she creates the way she see’s it & Queen of her glue-gun. She follows her heart & her amazing ability to make anything unique & gorgeous. However she is far from normal with a life filled with amazing experiences. The stuff ‘dreams’ are made of! Thank you Stacey, Susanna, & of course Marian, for letting us into her lovely world. xx

  4. Marian and I were at WWD and the beginning of W at the same time. She is an original, brilliantly talented and I suspect will go down in fashion history along with a few of the other great names like Diana Vreeland and Loulou de la Falaise.

    I always loved seeing what she was wearing, how she put it all together when I would see her in New York or Paris. Marian radiates fashion and design ideas by her mere presence.

    She was, and I see continues to be, glamorous and creative.

    It was Marian who recommended that I succeed her as the last editor of American Elle (while the magazine was still in France) as she was off to New York to take over House and Garden or HG — once again making everything she touched chicer than chic.

    I am eternally grateful to her and I think the fashion and interior design industry more than agrees with me.

    Warmest regards,

  5. Thank you for such a delightful interview with one of the great and colorful individuals of the Design world. I’ve long been a fan of the uber talented Mlle McEvoy. Her home, when featured in THE WORLD OF INTERIORS, was a light switch moment for me. Your enthusiasm and joy in interviewing are so refreshing. Thanks for a color jolt this morning. J

  6. Brilliant BRAVO Susanna Salk, for this long overdue expose of one of our treasured design ICONS!!! All hail Marian McEvoy!!!! Where is your TV show!!!?

  7. I have fallen in love with Marian. I envy the two of you the time you spent with her in her
    charming and delightful home. Thanks so much letting us all join in the fun!

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