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photo by evan sung

If you are going to be in NYC this week, you might want to stop by an intriguing pop-up store open only until October 17th. It is the brainchild of the amazing Waris Ahluwalia. A modern renaissance man, you may know him from his parts in Wes Anderson films and I am Love, as the founder of House of Waris fine jewelry, as co-author of the popular To India With Love (published to benefit his charity Mumbai We Got Your Back)  or merely as a ubiquitous fixture on the New York and Hollywood social scenes. The shop, located under the High Line at 504 West 24th St. in the meat packing district, was designed by Swiss architect Christian Wassmann in conjunction with the non-profts BOFFO and Building Fashion, which organizes the installation space.

The shop is operated as a tea room, with a pavillion housing products for sale and a garden which will serve tea, flown in from the Himalayas, in special House of Waris teacups and food from select restaurants such as Bar Pitti and Cafe Cluny (you can even buy granola made by Cafe Cluny and Bar Pitti’s olive oil).

photo by evan sung

The merchandise is mostly from friends and collaborators such as APC, Rodarte, including their limited-edition movie poster for the 50th anniversary of Godard’s Breathless, Olympia LeTan, Sponge Skincare, and Cynthia Rowley – how nice to have such talented friends.

cynthia rowley tools, photo by evan sung

In addition, there is an Ahluwalia-edited collection of oh-so-chic Assouline titles

photo by evan sung

as well as a selection of the wonderful Criterion collection DVD’s, including Ahluwalia’s favorite, The Importance of Being Ernest and several of mine.

photo by evan sung

I’m sure it will be the place to be (and be seen) for the next week.

8 thoughts on “Waris Wares

    • buzz – agreed – they are a great venue and this one is one of the best I’ve seen – please report back if you go. I think Waris is brilliant.

  1. Have been completely and utterly obsessed with this jewelry ever since I first spotted it at Barneys…literally had no idea about all this other stuff! Now my obsession will be on a RZ whole other level…wow!

    • zhush – exactly where I discovered House of Waris – and then started to realize what an incredible creative force he is.

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