Venez Avec Moi

Come visit me today over at A Femme d’Un Certain Age where the worldly and wise Tish invited me, as part of a series, to weigh in on the question of Dressing Up & Staying In. Life chez Tish is always entertaining and educational, where we learn how to approach life with the stylish je ne sais quoi of les femmes francais. An American writer and editor, Tish “moved to France for a job and stayed for love”.  And lucky for us, as we have our own chronicler of age, beauty, well-being and style, all presented with a fabulous French twist. A few Colette quotes give you a hint of what you’ll find, “Be happy. It is one way of being wise.” and “You will do foolish things. But do them with enthusiasm.”

18 thoughts on “Venez Avec Moi

  1. I did pop over and perhaps the post is not up as of yet.
    I do admire Tish’s posts. Dressing up and staying in sounds lovely….
    just as long as your home is not under the dust of renovation.

  2. Sounds like a goodie..we can learn and do learn so much from the French. On my last visit there I realized how very civilized their culture and lifestyle really is then I came home to the “rat race”…reality check! Heading to that post now.

  3. I will pop over. So funny, a perfect compliment to what I wrote about today, must be in the air. I love that brooch btw!

    xo Mary Jo

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