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There were so many wonderful booths at the show that I could be filling posts all week. I was originally going to include several exhibitors in this piece, but as I am working on a large project, I’ll start you off in style and will hopefully have time to add some more later in the day.

photo: Maria Ferrari

I clearly wasn’t the only one to appreciate Michelle Bergeron’s debut collection – her booth was mobbed. Michelle’s background in fashion lends her line its glamorous and feminine appeal. Skatemoderne is a new furniture and wall paneling collection that she calls couture shagreen. Unlike real shagreen, this elegant look-alike material is durable and versatile in application. The Natural Collection, which was unveiled at the show, includes “exotic textures, bright colors, precious stones and customizable features.”

I loved the beautiful Deco Fern cabinet, a stylish piece that could do duty admirably in a public space or bedroom. My photo doesn’t do its spectacular color and texture justice. The signature Amethyst buffet below successfully walks the line between deco and modern with rosewood casing and its bling-y touch of amethyst rock crystal cabinet pulls. You could imagine this just as easily in a Joan Crawford movie as a modern eclectic interior.

photo by Maria Ferrari

And the Zen coffee table, on a rosewood veneered steel base, can be customized to any size. In case you’re wondering, that is a piece of inset agate, which is an optional feature.

Photo: Maria Ferrari

I think this luxurious collection has great potential. The clean lines with tactile custom finishes could accompany a traditional room of fine antiques just as easily as a minimalist decor. They just ooze a chic glamour that is truly timeless. The pieces will be available this fall through designers and architects and a few select retailers.

25 thoughts on “AD Home Show – SkateModerne

  1. just beautiful. I painted faux shagreen for a client in the back of her book cases years ago. I have always wanted something “shagreen” – a small box or that coffee table!

  2. This line clearly has potential, the Zen coffee table is outstanding. The lines on all of the pieces you show are right up my alley, no surprise I would like her designs!

    Good luck with your project!

  3. LOVE the coffee table, q. Wow.
    I am slowly but certainly loving the modern furniture. I have a dded a couple of pieces to my home.
    Thank you for sharing and can’t wait to see the rest.

  4. Great deco cabinet. Great design.

    Q, I just want to thank you for your amazingly sweet comment. It was nice you shared about you too.
    Thank you for that!

    I can’t tell you how happy I am. :-)

    Have a great week, sweetie!


    Luciane at

  5. Very chic and very deco-y looking…in the right setting these could be really special pieces. I especially love the cocktail table..always fun to discover something new..actually sending this post to my nephew and his new wife, they just bought an apt. in Soho and are just starting to decorate, this is right up their ally!

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