Design Video Update

Quintessence design video series

I’ve been so busy trying to keep you up to date with my latest inspiration and finds, that I hadn’t realized how out of date the welcome reel was for Susanna’s and my design video series. We’ve been traveling from Connecticut to Los Angeles to Italy and back filming exciting people and places to share with you. There will be many opportunities in the coming weeks and months to tag along on insider visits with top designers and tastemakers.  So, take a peek at this short summary of where we’ve been and a bit of where we’re going – I think you’ll like what we’ve got in store.

In addition, I’ll have a little announcement very soon of a fun new summer series we have planned. There’s lots in the works. So take a look and stay tuned as we take you behind the scenes and across the globe in the world of design.

Quintessence design video series

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  1. i absolutely love this enticing and enviable glimpse at your global design tours. It is fantastic – as are you!

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