Updating a Legacy

Please make the hop and visit me over at Cottage & Gardens, where my latest piece is live. We have taken a peek at the luxurious legacy of Lalique here – but another aspect of the brand’s rejuvenation is how architects and designers are creatively incorporating the crystal into both residential and commercial projects. Join me there as I take a look.

Lalique crystal in modern decor


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7 Responses to Updating a Legacy

  1. Very pretty! Is the crystal plastered into the wall?


  2. Gorgeous. Love the inset crystal.
    Headed over.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. pve says:

    Lalique is to lace on a dress or to a cherry on top of a sundae.
    It adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” and a “joi de vivre.”
    Great article Stacey.

  4. What a beautifully done article, Stacey. As always! I especially appreciated the contrast in the more contemporary environments.
    Bon weekend!

  5. mary says:

    Hi Stacey, This is a beautifully written piece–pulls me right in to wanting to go to Paris or New York to see the Art Nouveau or Deco pieces created by Lalique. Thank you. Mary

  6. Franki Parde says:

    You’ve done it again!! I SO LOOK FORWARD to your wonderful columns! Thank you for pleasing the ethestic and intellectual. franki

  7. designchic says:

    You are one busy lady. What a beautiful way to incorporate this amazing crystal in your bath, in fact I’m obsessed with the whole bathroom…heading over to check it out!

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