At Home in Los Angeles with Richard Shapiro

Richard Shapiro pool house

Enter Richard Shapiro‘s extraordinary home and it’s difficult to believe you are in the center of Los Angeles. Created with a passion for all that he loves – art, antiquities, architecture, travel – his home contains a level of authenticity, details and brilliant juxtapositions that few would have the knowledge, patience or eye to complete. Here references to ancient eras and far off places offer a romantic and very personal vision of home. Please join me and Susanna for a behind the scenes visit to Richard’s very special Los Angeles home.

As a true renaissance man – collector, designer, artist and shop owner – Richard’s goal, as he explains in his book, Past Perfect, was to create “fictions crafted and composed to allow for the suspension of your awareness of time and place.”

Richard Shapiro Los Angeles entryEven upon entering, you are immediately transported and the illusion has begun. With an unerring eye, Richard combines ancient and contemporary art along with bespoke furnishings and finishes providing the alchemy required to complete the fantasy. Layer upon layer of personal mementos and acquisitions live together in spaces that are “so authentic in appearance, spirit and mood that their true age and locale cannot be discerned.”

Richard Shapiro loggia

Inspired by the fantastical boxwood garden at Château de Marqueyssac, Richard imagined his own lush version, again using inventive conceits to achieve the desired effects of age and maturity. He himself works assiduously there to maintain the billowing effect.

Richard Shapiro garden tools

Throughout the home, there is a gracious and refined aura that reflects his experienced and educated eye. In Richard’s bedroom, textiles, antiques and architectural enhancements create an environment full of character and emotion.

Richard Shapiro bedroom

So thank you Richard, Susanna and I were thrilled to be able to share the magic of your remarkable Los Angeles Home.

all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

12 thoughts on “At Home in Los Angeles with Richard Shapiro

  1. All I can say is Wow , thanks so much for your fab video of Richard Shapiro’s wonderfull home !
    It was so inspiring ” .. All ways look forward to seeing your little films , but this one I think is one of the best
    Thanks so much hazel ( Manchester UK ) xxxx

  2. Oh, for heaven’s sake…it really is “almost Heaven!!!” Incredible, incredible…I adore this man’s mind!!! frabki

  3. Be still my heart. Mr. Shapiro’s sophisticated and worldly touch has created here a warm, beautiful, thoughtful and comfortable oasis, one that teases the senses and gently challenges the mind. I say, BRAVO. Thank you, Mr. Shapiro and Quintessence, for bringing this to us.

  4. It really takes your breath away. I do not want it to end. Also, Mr Shapiro is quite handsome!

  5. I love the master bedroom and the garden is so peaceful and organized , has the energy of a Japanese garden. Positive spiritual energy all around, love it!!

    I will bring the HOME MADE PESTO!!!!!!
    INAMORATO con questo!!!!!
    IN Los Angeles…………GOOD HEAVENS!

  7. Certainly, a very tough act to follow!
    What a curated sanctuary…and yet, warm and engaging. Plus, I agree w other commenters that Mr. Shapiro is quite handsome and cool.
    We feel privileged to be invited in alongside you and Susanna. Thank you!

  8. I have been fortunate enough to have known Richard and worked with him in the 90’s and have been to this beautiful oasis…he has made it even more special over the years and expanded the art collection significantly. Congrats, Richard on all you’ve done with this stunning and unique gem of a home. Wishing you well and good health.
    ~~Cynthia Uhrich from AFIM

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