Taking it to the Streets on BlogTour


Taking a little editorial break today, here are just a few visuals of how some of the design themes translated out and about in London on my recent trip with BlogTour.

The Apple Store in Covent Garden is a fabulous architectural design fusion of old and new. Whose creativity wouldn’t be inspired in this beautiful space.


BlogTourThe Kate Spade store nearby perfectly illustrates the current penchant for bright color and graphic pattern.

More pattern mixing at Liberty

Repurposing of everyday objects is seen in this plumbing pipe coatrack at Liberty

And Karl Lagerfeld’s ubiquitous design is a bright graphic new interpretation of an old favorite.


Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a special surprise.

21 thoughts on “Taking it to the Streets on BlogTour

  1. I hope you had a fantastic time in London Stacey…it looks that way from your blog….LIberty is such a fabulous store…one of my favourites….and Covent Garden….just a great place to be…xv

  2. London is such a “happening” city and is so stimulating! Makes me want to hop on a plane for a visit across the pond. Love the Coke bottle, I bet it could even make Pepsi drinkers think twice about switching over:)

  3. Loving that Apple Store! The perfect fusion of traditional and new! I am dying to go to London now!!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. I can’t complain because just this fall I went/will go to two on my bucket list: Brimfield and High Point at the end of the month. Still I am gunning for a trip to London for design week. It all looks so fab.
    So happy for your posts.

  5. So great! I miss London, the last time I was there, there was no such thing as an apple store, unless it sold, actual apples! (sigh) Loving the star cardi and that Diet Coke bottle!:)

  6. It all looks so exciting;
    I want to hop a plane
    over the pond tomorrow
    and see it all again, for
    myself! I bet you had a
    fantastic time : )
    xx Suzanne

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