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Just Around the Corner by Patrick Dougherty, photo Doyle Dean The Stickwork of Patrick Dougherty

Travel always yields delightful discoveries and my trip last week was no exception. An unseasonable cold spell in Virginia and North Carolina made our spring-like last day even more enjoyable. Inspired to take a brief walk after arriving early on the beautiful Duke University campus, I ambled across the bridge overlooking the South Lawn.…
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Marie Christophe Marie Christophe, Guerlain and Cour des Senteurs

As Paris is only two weeks away, I thought it was an opportune time to write about the amazing confluence of events that led to this post. Last summer when I escorted my daughters on their first trip to Paris, we made the pilgrimage to Versailles, including a visit to the Cour des Senteurs, thanks to my good friends at The Buzz.…
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2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse Front Garden

Over the next several days, we will be finishing up our look at the Hampton Designer Showhouse. For the weekend, we’ll be spending a little time outside. As I approached the house, I was immediately struck by the handsome landscaping. Casual, yet tailored, it was a lovely combination of container and in-ground plantings.…
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