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Timeless Design at Versailles

I was somehow surprised that my girls voted a visit to Versailles as their favorite part of our week in Paris. It just shows the timeless relevance of classic French design and the memorable impact of the palace, gardens and splendor of 18th century court life.…
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Graphic Design and Architecture | a 20th Century History

How often do you think about the connection between graphic design and architecture? My guess is not that frequently. And yet the two have been inexorably linked since the beginning of the built environment. Think of the Egyptian pyramids covered in hieroglyphics or the inscriptions in the stone of the Parthenon.…
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Interiors | Atelier AM

Tis now officially the season of giving and receiving which means I need to catch up on my book reviews! One tome that deserves a place in any design library is Interiors | Atelier AM. With 200 exquisite photographs by François Halard, beautifully printed on heavy stock, the book qualifies as art and design volume in one.…
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Gil Schafer The Great American House

Writing about architect Gil Schafer is always a pleasure. The occasion is frequently because I’ve spied a new project on his site or spoken to him to get insight about a past one, but I’m delighted today to celebrate the publication of his fabulous first book, The Great American House.…
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The Mayflower Inn Spa

While the sumptuous Mayflower Inn is, in and of itself, enticing, it is the Spa that seals the deal. There is a very good reason it was named the #1 Spa in the country by Good Morning America with Travel + Leisure – it is simply amazing!…
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At Home in Italy

As many of us are celebrating the long weekend here in the States, perhaps some are still on vacation, enjoying the long light of summer somewhere exotic or enchanting. The Italian countryside has for many always held a special allure, with its rich history of art, food, design and seemingly envious lifestyle.…
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Design is One: The Vignellis at the Architecture & Design Film Festival

As the internet and social media have made the world infinitely smaller, it seems that the world of design has followed suit. More than ever, design is less confined, no longer compartmentalized as it once was. Interior and fashion designers are now venturing into each other’s territories, blurring boundaries between specialities.…
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The Invention of the Past

I received many beautiful design and coffee table books for Christmas this year (a few admittedly from me to me). Some I have already reviewed here and others I hope to cover in posts to come. While most had received enough advance press that I knew what to expect, there was one that was a total revelation.…
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Moonlighting at New England Home

Since 2005, New England Home Magazine has been showcasing great regional architecture and design. Its upscale approach to inspiring and wide ranging projects, makes it an essential read for all those interested in New England style. From the coast and islands to urban and mountain settings, each issue invites us into a carefully curated selection of beautiful homes across our six states.…
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Thank You Elle Decor

Photo: Courtesy of the MCNY Thank you Elle Decor for asking me to contribute to your Design Insiders’ Weekly Finds! I was thrilled to be included!
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