At Home Poolside with Susanna Salk and Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams certainly needs no introduction. The acclaimed designer is celebrated not only for her inspiring interiors but her refreshing and authentic approach to gracious living. The day we arrived at her house, trucks were unloading and the house was abuzz with preparations for a charity event for over 200 people that Bunny was hosting the next night. Yet she was unfazed and welcomed us as if there was nothing she would rather be doing. Tag along for a delightful visit with Bunny Williams at her iconic pool house in Connecticut where she shares her inspiration and insights into its genesis and the design process.

Bunny’s book, An Affair with a House, continues to be one of the best-loved design books of its genre. Within its hallowed pages, she chronicles her decades-long affair with her charming 18th century Connecticut house. Yet it is much more than that. I still refer to it often for advice on not only decorating but for practical tips around the house, entertaining and even recipes, so I was thrilled to finally see it in person.

Bunny WilliamsIt is a house that appeals to so many not just because it is beautiful but because it is such a personal manifestation of Bunny’s (and John’s) tastes and lifestyle. Her down-to-earth and generous nature informs so much of what she has done here – it is clearly not merely a house but a well-loved home.

Bunny Williams

And it is most definitely country but Bunny has remained true to its essence. There is no pretension. It is a working property that has been nurtured into maturity.

Bunny Williams

From vegetable to parterre garden

Bunny Williams to greenhouse

Bunny williamsto chicken coop,

Bunny Williams

to inside the fabulous guest barn,

Bunny Williams

each component has a function that contributes to a gracious and well lived life. John and Bunny’s passions are evident throughout and every detail has been thoughtfully considered and added to over time. And nowhere is this more apparent than at the pool house

Bunny Williams

where Greek Revival is creatively countrified – long logs become defining dentil molding and the pediment is filled with acorns. It’s a fabulous folly with humility and humor. And it may be rural Connecticut, but sophisticated worldly touches abound such as the Balinese ceiling vent and carved wooden deer from India. It takes a skilled eye to assemble such a successful yet eclectic grouping.

Bunny williams

Even in the woodland garden, visual treats await.

Bunny WilliamsI was not surprised to learn, shortly after filming, that Bunny will be recognized by the D&D Building with the Stars of Design Lifetime Achievement Award in October. Such a well deserved honor. We were thrilled to be able to share our time spent with her at home in Connecticut! Thank you Bunny – such a rare pleasure!

Bunny Williams

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21 Responses to At Home Poolside with Susanna Salk and Bunny Williams

  1. Margaret Kearns says:

    Such a pleasure that Bunny shares her gracious home so often. I love everything about her and wish I was her best friend.

  2. Thank you so much for this. Amazing, amazing.

  3. Just charming!! I love Bunny’s Spa! Greek Revival beauty among the ferns. Divine. ox

  4. Such an inspirational video and great to hear the story behind the pool house! Gorgeous.

  5. elle says:

    Gorgeous. Inspiring. Aspirational… I wish Gil Shafer were my good friend and that I looked as good as Susanna does in her pink bathing suit!

  6. Patti says:

    So charming… “Bunny’s Spa”! I have Bunny’s book and I LOVE it. What a fun interview.

  7. How beautiful…very secret garden. I love it! What a fantastic job on the video also! GREAT JOB!

  8. Holly Stuart says:

    I love the “At Home” series and this one was delightful! Wish I had that amazing space to enjoy. Thank you Stacey and Susanna….More please!

  9. Karena says:

    Dear Stacey, thank you Bunny and Susanna for bringing this wonderful conversation to us!
    “Bunny’s Spa” is a delight. A getaway right on her property, the gardening so lush and the folly all fits in perfectly!

    Feature: “Love Where You Live”

  10. Ann McDonald says:

    The most DELIGHTFUL video!! Thank you so much! What a blessing. This will be on replay in the Design Studio :). And Susanna jumping in the pool = the perfect ending to summer. Thank you for always being excellent in what you do. Have a great weekend. xo Ann

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  12. Lisa Porter says:

    Stacey and Susanna ~
    Thank you so much for visiting Bunny Williams. She just so happens to be my favorite designer in the whole wide world. I found her thoughts regarding placement of buildings on the property and the paths leading to and fro very interesting and so common sense ~ So smart she is! I gathered a wealth of knowledge that will most certainly be applied in planning my next garden. The mowed path edged with tall grass ~ brilliant!
    Bravo Susanna for taking the plunge (you’re my kind of girl) and then casually and elegantly taking a stroll back through the wooded garden. Ah the good life!
    xo Lisa

  13. Wonderful interview! Bunny’s just the epitome of grace and charm.

  14. Katie Leede says:

    Susannah..what a lovely moment w/Bunny.I am an admiring fan of her innate passion for design and the well lived life ..she’s such a natural and remarkably at ease and wonderfully down to earth especially given her talent and success..thanks for giving this window into a charming afternoon and chat w/her and -btw-you look great in a bathing suit!

  15. Great video with Bunny Williams…it helped me on so many levels I do not where to begin. So nice to see another side to her as well. Thank you!

  16. I just love your chicken coop and run! Just beautiful. I have it pinned and am sharing over at Fresh Eggs Daily on Facebook.

  17. Franki says:

    I smiled through this entire presentation! Just charming as charming can be!! franki

  18. Daryl Wark says:

    Thank you Susanna for such a charming interview.
    Bunny is one of my all time favourite Designers. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with her in her New York offices this January and she is one of the most gracious, welcoming and charming persons I have met in a long time.
    I just love John and Bunny’s country house, it must have been such a treat to see it in the flesh after seeing her person style come to life in the pages of her iconic book, “Affair with a House”.
    Thank you again, you are now on my blog list to follow, (a freind in NY passed the story onto me in Australia).
    Warm wishes Daryl

  19. The Brown House: Antiques, Art, Comforts of Life says:

    Simply Superb!!!

  20. I loved your interview with Bunny. We have been there many times with her Trade Secrets.Ct tour and the Garden Conservancy. Bunny and John’s place is soo filled with things that give ideas for gardeners, if they have a big place, or a small garden. I laugh when I see you walking down that woodland path. My sister was following me on that path, and all of a sudden a snake slithered across the path between me and her. We looked up the snake when we got home and it was a Ribbon Snake. An event like that will always be remembered.

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