Stylish Shopping with Susanna Salk and Mario Buatta

Mario Buatta is a design legend. For over 50 years the multitalented decorator has been designing rooms known for their exuberant color, fearless approach to pattern and punch and yes, inclusion of chintz. But as he explained during our shoot, chintz was always merely a part of the picture. Mario is a master of the mix, creating rooms of supreme comfort and effortless chic. That’s why clients from Barbara Walters and Malcolm Forbes to Mariah Carey and Billy Joel have entrusted their homes to him. We are thrilled to feature Mario today as our latest guest on Stylish Shopping. Take a lesson from design royalty as he and Susanna shop at the beautiful new Cowtan & Tout showroom in the D&D building.

Achieving the “undecorated look” for which Buatta is known takes experience and education. His talent for assembling spaces that are relaxed and easy is a combination of innate talent, a trained eye and a process. Rooms with personality and panache are the result of approaching decorating like a painter’s canvas, Mario explained, with a layered look that comes together gradually to achieve a natural and timeless ambience.

Mario Buatta

photo by Scott Frances for Architectural Digest

From a fresh spin on English country a la Nancy Lancaster, above, to bold, graphic eclecticism, below,

Mario Buattaphoto courtesy of Mario Buatta

to soothing elegance (in Manuel Canovas‘ Pali – one of Buatta’s all time favorite fabrics)

Mario Buatta

photo by Gordon Beall for Architectural Digest

his rooms all show a dedication to detail and variety of styles. You’ll be able to see this all and more in his book debuting this fall, celebrating his 50 years of design.

Mario Buatta

It was a delight tagging along with Mario and are just glad that Harold the cockroach didn’t make an appearance!

Mario Buatta

With special thanks to Kate Jerde of the D&D building and Desiree Mumford and Vesna Babic at Cowtan & Tout, who couldn’t have been more helpful or accommodating!

15 thoughts on “Stylish Shopping with Susanna Salk and Mario Buatta

  1. One dab at a time! .. Love that and totally agree eith TF girls ..
    Have met Mario and he has the best sense of humor which is something that struck me as completely unexpected from the Prince .. And who wouldnt want to be his Princess ?? Great job both !

  2. As I saw the Quintessence email in inbox I prayed: “please, oh please, let it be SS with SS. And Mario Buatta just happens to be my first Design Idol. Thank you for starting my day off with perfection.

  3. What a fantastic interview and wonderful video. Love the way his rooms all look collected and can hardly wait for the book – one of my favorites!!

  4. So love seeing Mario (the decorator formerly known as the Prince of Chintz) in your video, Q – he was our first design client and put us on the map with an article in Architectural Digest! This is such a great series…
    C + C

  5. I miss all those beautiful floral Chintz’s. I want them back.. What a treat to meet Mario, we chatted him up at market once and he was lovely.

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