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Thank you to so many of you who stopped by and left such lovely comments about Susanna’s and my video visit to Brooke and Steve Giannetti’s beautiful Ojai farm. With such an idyllic setting and photogenic home, it was hard to stop snapping shots. So today I take you back for a little bonus look at more Patina Farm Style. On Brooke’s Instagram feed, she recently mentioned how she loved the “transparency” of their house. It’s a beautifully designed enfilade that I noticed and loved immediately upon arriving.

Patina Farm back doorsThanks to the California climate, it took only about a year for the back doors to be fully covered with ivy.

Patina Farm style

The house is all about natural materials and a simple palette. The floors and doors are all bleached oak, including the pocket screens which disappear into the walls behind the steel and glass doors.

screen doors at Patina Farm

Throughout the house, the pale natural woods are included, whether as building materials, furniture or accessories, from the living room,

Patina Farm living room vignette with wood

dining room

Patina Farm dining roomand kitchen

kitchen vignette at Patina Farm

to Brooke’s office

Brooke's office at Patina Farmand bedroom.

Patina Farm master bedroomThe way Brooke decorates is predicated on a fluid and flexible style. Anything can move around and be repurposed from one room to another. For example, the chest may function now as a bar area, but could easily be in a bedroom as well.

Patina Farm living room bar

The warmth of the wood is echoed in the living finish of the brass throughout.

unlacquered brass hardware at Patina Farm

Patina Farm master bath

Patina Farm master bath sinks

bedroom at Patina Farm

kitchen Patina Farm style

Patina Farm kitchen toward terrace

I had a Lacanche range in the my last house and loved it, although I would have loved it even more in a built in niche like this, where everything is easily at hand, handsomely displayed.

Lacanche at Patina Farmall photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

There is so much more in this home to talk about but you can find it all in the book, where I have been addictively studying the detailed notes included on the many sketches and plans that are so generously included. It’s a treasure trove of design ideas.

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12 Responses to More Patina Farm Style

  1. Dreamy! So soothing.

  2. Brooke and Steve are as nice as they are talented. Beautiful post Stacey! Being able to see Patina Farm this way is just amazing – your video series is truly unique and you give such insight. Thank you!

  3. I’ve seen many photos of Patina Farm, but it’s never enough! There’s always a different angle that highlights some gem. Thanks!!!!

  4. Judy Heyman says:

    Love all your posts but this was out of the park beautiful, I have the book and have gotten so much pleasure in its pages. Thank you, thank you.

  5. tania vartan says:

    I love, love this house and all things about it, except for all those white, white walls!

  6. franki says:

    My book already has patina from paging through it so many times!!! franki

  7. Thank you! It is truly a treasure trove! It bears careful study; and rereading!!! I adore that house! And the people in it!

  8. Addison says:

    Gorgeous! I love it so much. The natural and simple design is my dream!

  9. Marsha Koch says:

    I loved your video. Having followed Brooke and Steve and Patina Farm since they day they bought the property it was great to be able to “be there” on your video tour. They are lovely and gracious, not to mention wildly talented. Thanks!

  10. Margie Preiss says:

    Such a beautiful post and video tour of this amazing home. Thank you.

  11. Nancy Norton says:

    Anyone have an idea of a source for the steel door hardware?

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