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Fiona Corsini di San Giuliano's Tuscan home Back to the Land

While we just celebrated the birthday of our own “land” this weekend, there seems to be a more widespread undercurrent in the air. The appeal of returning back to the land is a movement literally underfoot. From the longstanding farm to table movement, to a renewed interest in home made and artisanal products, where the connection from maker to buyer is transparent, we have slowly progressed to the point where the fantasy of a life even closer to nature is becoming a reality for many.…
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kitchen vignette at Patina Farm More Patina Farm Style

Thank you to so many of you who stopped by and left such lovely comments about Susanna’s and my video visit to Brooke and Steve Giannetti’s beautiful Ojai farm. With such an idyllic setting and photogenic home, it was hard to stop snapping shots.…
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At Home with the Giannettis on Patina Farm At Home with Susanna Salk and Brooke & Steve Giannetti on Patina Farm

Patina Farm is the realization of a dream that many only fantasize about. Living on a small lot in suburban Santa Monica, California, Brooke and Steve Giannetti had already recognized their love of land, natural materials and fine old world craftsmanship.…
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