At Home with Susanna Salk and Brooke & Steve Giannetti on Patina Farm

At Home with the Giannettis on Patina Farm

Patina Farm is the realization of a dream that many only fantasize about. Living on a small lot in suburban Santa Monica, California, Brooke and Steve Giannetti had already recognized their love of land, natural materials and fine old world craftsmanship. As Brooke got the itch to have a farm, documented on her popular blog, Velvet and Linen, they tore out the front yard to put in a vegetable garden, then got chickens, finally realizing they needed to buy something bigger. On a trip north to Ojai for a client project about six years ago, they fell in love with the area and found a beautiful piece of property that was the beginning of the dream. Susanna and I were beyond thrilled to be able to visit the culmination of their vision at Patina Farm. Tag along for a video visit to a small slice of paradise.

From a bare bones lot to finished lush landscape, it is hard to believe Patina Farm didn’t always exist.

Patina Farm bedroom verandaAs interior designer and architect, Brooke and Steve share a distinctive style that embraces nature and the beauty of imperfection.  An effortless blending of indoors and out,

Patina Farm - Brooke's office.

old and new

Patina Farm vignetteand an appreciation of the human touch at work, seen in the plaster walls and stone, hand crafted hardware and natural woods inspired their naming of Patina Farm.

Patina Farm plaster work

Although the house is entirely new, Brooke and Steve incorporated timeless techniques and beautifully aged building materials that bring a certain history to the house. And while some moments may seem stolen from time,

Patina Farm master bedroom fireplacethere are always reminders of contemporary life, incorporated in thoughtful authentic ways.

Patina Farm kitchen

For a further peek, be sure to check out Brooke and Steve’s recent book, below, including many details on the design and building process behind creating Patina Farm. It is chock full of plans, ideas and creative solutions for bringing patina style home.

patina farm

We can’t thank Brooke and Steve enough for inviting us into their idyllic home. It is a true testament to their collaborative and creative vision as a talented designing couple.

At Home with the Giannettis on Patina Farm

all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

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32 thoughts on “At Home with Susanna Salk and Brooke & Steve Giannetti on Patina Farm

  1. Thank you Stacey and Susanna for beautifully capturing our wonderful day together at Patina Farm! We all hope you will come back soon…

    xo xo

    Brooke and Steve

  2. Left breathless….Perfection!
    It brought back memories of Folie Gep and a dear missed friend.

  3. Deeply grateful for allowing me to take this fabulous tour of Patina Farm…this is the closest I’ve come to this idyllic place and the visionaries who created it, Steve and Brooke Gianetti.

  4. absobloominglutely STUNNING. I WANT TO LIVE THERE!!! must have cost a gazillion dollars. what vision and creativity GENIUS!!!

  5. As with all your videos, you captured the true essence of the place in such a charming and natural way! Thank you for sharing this unusual and beautifully designed place.

  6. Awww….it was like visiting dear friends. Their attention to DETAIL is…”what it’s all about” in my opinion. I’ve been an admirer for years and look forward to “our” next virtual get together!! xxx franki

  7. This video and blog post was so inspirational! The irony of the entire thing for me was that I was marathoning (not a word) Quintessence videos all weekend while I cleaned out and organized my closets. During the clean out I was sorting perfumes and the only ones that made the cut were my NEST fragrances! They really are the best.

    Thank so much for sharing these videos and tours. I have already printed a few of the photos for my inspiration board. That master bath is to die for!

  8. Oh this is without a doubt my favorite from this wonderful series. I am truly hoping to get to PF at some point but until then, this is the next best thing. Thank you, Stacey and Susanna…

  9. Some time ago I was lucky enough to visit Patina Farm with my friend Penny Bianci . The home and garden were very new and lean but the bones were beautiful and I knew it would only become magical. Well obviously it is now! ELANA

  10. Viewed it over and over and ran and called friends to watch it on YouTube first…to then notice Brooke had made mention her of your site and the joy of seeing more of Brooke and Steves beautiful Patina farm is breathtaking. I love their style, mix of gathered and collected pieces, and how they live a well lived home life.
    I love how any of Brooke’s home decor could mix right in with my euro-French brocante designs.
    Beautiful interview and will enjoy again watching you tour their home, again and again.



  11. When my father described the property to me (after watching the video), I was so intrigued, I had to take a look for myself. The property really is quite stunning, and the deliberate nature of the design choices are apparent. It’s quite lovely to see their love for their animals, incorporated into the design. A gorgeous home, but also a very sweet story.

  12. What a lovely trip!! Having followed on the entire Patina Farm, from plans revealed on Brook’s Blog, to the completion of what we see now, you have made it possible to feel like I’ve been there for a visit! How delightful! Everything about the Farm just flows so beautifully. Thank you

    P.S. I’ve long admired your work as well Susan!

  13. This is heaven on earth!
    Well done to you both….. will be trying to use some of your wonderful concepts here in my little patch of Switzerland!
    Ps Both books amazing and so honestly written.

  14. Complimenti,la vostra casa é squisita !! Compliments to both of you for creating such authentic Italian ( Tuscan) French,style.
    So very many houses in these videos are…..well,…..overdone? That’s me being polite. Houses have always been a passion in my life. Since table height i have been doing house plans( at that age with plasticine)and at 16 years of age i designed the house of my dreams,which i found in Spain,an almost exact replica,but in actual fact even better as we have full views of the sea from 11 windows. I’m in love with…my family…and our house. Nothing else much interests me enough to want me to leave it,but when i do need to, i long to return and constantly wonder at it’s beauty. Nothing of value is in our home,but it’s full of humble family treasures which mean so very much to me. Thank you God,for finally realizing my dream at 65 !! Who says dreams don’t come true ?

  15. Oh, my goodness, just the type of house I have always wanted and would never be able to afford in California. It is a dream and every room you showed was more restful and gorgeous than the other. Other than the roses ,which I wish I knew what kind they were, my very favorite thing was the old books. I adore old books for some reason. I have quiet a few that have the gold leaf wording, that is the ones I love. these people are so talented and thank you for letting us oogle at your wonder that you made……Carol

  16. A gorgeous, serene property. I opened the video this morning and watched it in full. It gave me a sense of calm and peace from the anxiety of stay-in-home virus period. I love your animals, your organized feeding routine and the beauty of nature on your property. Thank you for making my morning so peaceful.

  17. A slice of heaven on earth. A beautiful home with such amazing gardens, views of the land and dear animals, both furry and feathered. Than you for sharing your home and allowing others to feel calm and pace in this wonderful idyll. 💖 XxXx 🌈

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