I’m Ready

I must admit that although we’ve had several beautiful days, I am definitely tiring of our overly warm November weather and ready for a change in temperature. When I came across this beautifully renovated British home, all I could think of was the allure of cooler days and what is soon in store. I imagined myself sitting in this lovely room after a good night’s rest

With my book and this tasty treat,

lounging in my cashmere robe

and slippers.

I’d then meander upstairs to get ready for the day.

I would think perhaps a bath might be in order

although I spent so much time enjoying my coffee while reading  that I might only have time for a shower

Then it would be time to go out and explore on this beautiful crisp fall morning. I might think a thick sweater

and a cozy vest would be perfect for this weather. Shall I wear this one?

or this one

Oh yes, the second one! And perhaps a hat – you know what they say – you lose a large portion of your body heat through your head. Oh here it is

Now I’ll bet I would wonder where I left my keys? Oh yes, in that lovely old console of course!

After my long walk, I’ll be a tad peckish. So I’ll probably  have some lunch here while enjoying the view.

And because I indulged in some lovely beaujolais with my meal, I’ll probably need a little nap.

But then I came out of my reverie and realized it was 60 degrees and raining – again. Well a girl can daydream can’t she?!

33 thoughts on “I’m Ready

  1. My dream house would look like this with a nod to modern touches.
    I too dream of cooler temps and fur muffs and vests and skating!
    love those wooden beams….stunning!!!
    Sorry we will not be seeing you today!

    • pve – me too – a few modern touches would make this even more perfect. Hope you all have fun today – can’t wait to see the posts!

    • spenderosa – i’m loving that belted vest too – think it’s going on my (rapidly expanding) xmas list!

  2. Oh my, that all sounds (and looks) perfectly divine. What a beautiful home! That bathtub is not to be believed. Love the cashmere robe and the belted vest too…Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my library post. I hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday!


    • Hi Traci – Might be my problem also – maybe I should think twice about putting them on my Xmas list!

  3. love your blog!!!
    and love the second vest too…where can i get one?????
    who is the designer…please share…….

  4. Wow! This is a gorgeous post — and truly, I love/want it all! It is perfectly cozy and inviting… thank you for all of the sweet comments you leave me! I have enjoyed reading through your blog and catching up.

    Have a great Monday*

    • Oh dear – not quite ready for that yet!! Sounds like a nice fire might be in order (in addition to the coffee and cashmere of course)!

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