Lake Como and Beyond | Italy Redux

Varenna, Italy on Lake Como

There is only so much I can put in a post without it becoming overwhelming and unwieldy. While I hope you enjoyed the full view of Romeo Sozzi’s world in Susanna’s and my recent video, there were so many other moments and images I was unable to include. So consider this a bonus post with a bit more back story of our trip. We stayed in the lovely small city of Lecco, at the base of the southeastern branch of Lake Como, minutes from Promemoria’s workshops in Valmedrera and on the way to Romeo’s villa in Varenna. From our hotel, you could see across the lake to the central town.

Lecco, Italy from across lake

What of course makes this area of Italy so special is the combination of the water and tropical landscape against the alpine backdrop. The town is easily navigable,

Lecco Italy

with many outdoor cafés, restaurants hidden in sequestered squares and a lovely promenade along the lake.

restaurant in LeccoAt Romeo’s villa, the extensive gardens were truly astounding. Built into the steep hillside, the creative landscaping with groomed and natural growth was breathtaking.

Romeo Sozzi villa gardens

Romeo Sozzi gardens at his villa

You can see Susanna taking a moment in the shade, enjoying the enviable views.

Romeo Sozzi Lake Como gardensRomeo Sozzi Lake Como gardens

Romeo Sozzi Lake Como gardenThe town of Varenna may be tiny but is brimming with picturesque charm. With an unpretentious waterfront and easy access via rail, car or ferry, it is popular with tourists yet maintains an authentic appeal.

Varenna, Italy

Gate in Varenna

We were lucky enough to take a quick cruise on the lake one afternoon. Leaving Varenna behind, we headed down toward Bellaggio and the western leg of Lake Como.

Varenna, Italy on Lake ComoFor those of you who have never been, Lake Como is shaped like an upside down “Y” with Bellagio sitting at the intersection of the single upper trunk and lower eastern and western legs. We passed the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, where I began my honeymoon years ago, below.

Grand Hotel Villa SerbelloniContinuing down the more celebrated western leg, we passed the legendary Villa del Balbianello

Villa Balbianello

with its amazing gardens.

Villa del Balbianello gardens

And almost neighboring Balbianello is the picture perfect Villa la Cassinella, which is available to rent with amazing amenities.

Villa la Cassinella

Villa la Cassinella on Lake Como

When visiting Milan to see the Promemoria showrooms and Romeo’s apartment, it was impossible to ignore the gorgeous Milanese architecture. Below a few entrances that particularly intrigued me.

entrance in Milan

Door in Milan

Milan doorway

And naturally, I had to capture the lush corner view of Villa Mozart with its incredible ivy clad exterior.

Villa mozart

Villa Mozart facade

Hope you enjoyed our little visit. Next up for our video series is stateside in Connecticut! Thanks for accompanying me!

11 thoughts on “Lake Como and Beyond | Italy Redux

  1. Beautiful, Stacey. Love the colors, the light, the lush green landscape next to the water. Thank you for Quintessence!

  2. What gorgeous images, Stacey. Lake Cuomo is definitely on my bucket list…after seeing these amazing pictures it may have moved to number one! Happy Thursday ~

  3. Your photographs are absolutely…what can I even say…truly makes me want to visit EVERY SINGLE PLACE!!! franki

  4. I am in total awe over this Villa. Thank you for sharing with us such amazing places, things, etc.
    You have the BEST blog ever!!!! And I mean that. XO, Esther

  5. Oh my goodness, it is all glorious, and those enticing and artful wrought iron doorways!

    The Arts by Karena
    Palm Beach Chic!

  6. Lake Como must be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Some years ago we spent over a week in Varenna, at a small hotel in a room with a Juliet balcony that opened right onto the lake. The loveliest view all day but spectacular in the early morning and evening. Strangely enough we also saw your friend’s villa – when we asked about it, the hotel owner explained that it belonged to an important furniture manufacturer. It’s fabulous to take the slow boat from Varenna to Como, cruising slowly by all that magnificent scenery – there was still snow on the alps in May but the weather down by the lake was perfect. After seeing the Villa Balbianello from the water we just had to visit – fascinating place with fabulously beautiful garden and views – movies have had scenes filmed there, including one of the Star Wars films and the James Bond movie Casino. Also the Villa Carlotta has magnificent gardens too. And Bellagio is also gorgeous. Best wishes, Pamela

  7. What a joy to see more of your incredible photos. We rented a home near Onno, just a short drive to Varenna. Lake Como will always hold a very special place in my heart. I often will replay a video I took from our balcony over looking the lake of the local church bells ringing. Anything to take me back to that experience!! Have a lovely weekend Stacey. x

  8. Glorious Stacey – We were lucky enough to stay at Villa d’Este once – reading this is motivating me to tag it to our 10 days in Capri next year – seems logical!! Thank you.

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