The World of Romeo Sozzi and Promemoria

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Designer Romeo Sozzi sees the world through a lens of beauty, passion and creativity. Continually curious, endlessly inspired, he carries a notebook and pen wherever he goes, never knowing when the creative spark will ignite. Living is an art and Romeo is a master of translating its essence. Whether the color of a cloud, the profile of a petal, the scent of cedar, or the juicy ripeness of a grape no sense is overlooked, no detail too trivial. The expression of his vision is Promemoria, the furniture company he founded in 1988, born from his family’s 19th century legacy of restoring carriages for the local aristocracy. Three generations of specialized woodworking has instilled a passion for fine craftsmanship and love of the handmade.  Here, in Valmadrera, near the banks of Lake Como, Promemoria combines the best of traditional artisanship with an innovative eye toward the future. Join Susanna and me for for a special video visit to Italy for a behind the scenes peek into the creative world of Romeo Sozzi and Promemoria.

Everything in Romeo’s life is potential inspiration. He is schooled in the art of seeing and of rendering experiences, however ephemeral, into something tangible and of lasting beauty. At his villa, he soaks in the natural beauty of the lake and his gardens, most often with his dog Gin by his side, named for his favorite drink, the gin martini. Always looking to improve life’s pleasures, he has even designed his own martini glass to enhance his enjoyment.

Romeo Sozzi with his dog at his villa

Here, he melds the best of the past with his fresh vision of a colorful modern world. Promemoria means reminder or remembrance. And it is with the constant memory of its heritage that Promemoria, like its adopted mascot, the frog,  is always moving forward with a smile.

The villa garden of Romeo Sozzo of Promemoria

The splendor of the nature at its finest is welcomed with awe

Romeo Sozzi villa on Lake Como

yet also a sense of whimsy

garden wall at Romeo Sozzi villa

and innovation.

Promemoria chair

Promemoria is both an extension and result of Romeo’s vision. Here the creative flow of his ideas take life. In the remarkable factory workshop,

Promemoria workshopbeauty is celebrated with originality and the tradition of made-in-Italy craftsmanship. Every piece has a team of specialists contributing to the exquisite details of the hand finished products. Special lunches are held in the beautiful company kitchen/dining room where a visiting chef cooks with local ingredients and vegetables grown in Promemoria’s own organic hydroponic garden. And tree-filled courtyards are interspersed throughout the workrooms so no one is ever too far from nature.

Romeo Sozzi Angelina kitchen cabinetryIt is this all encompassing love of celebrating life’s everyday rituals with quality and style that inspired Romeo to start his kitchen line, Angelina, named after his mother. In a spacious Milan apartment-like showroom, one can view cabinetry, wine cellars (with chic 60s inspired leather and felt storage with incredible hand stitched detailing), bars, furniture and more. His city apartment, above, sports cabinetry from the line. And his leather upholstered bathroom below, exhibits his ingenious use of materials that integrates old and new.

Romeo Sozzi Milan bathroom

And for the latest in Promemoria news, a new collaborative capsule collection with David Collins Studio will be coming to New York in February. Exploring the intersection of Collins Studio’s luxurious modern glamour and Promemoria’s expertise in the subtle and detailed fusing of sumptuous materials, the London Collection includes furniture named after the city’s more exclusive garden squares – the Montagu Bench below.

David Collins and Promemoria collaborative collection - MONTAGU benchphoto via Promemoria

And finally, a thank you to Romeo and the team at Promemoria. We were honored and inspired to visit your beautiful world.

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all photos Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence unless otherwise noted

10 thoughts on “The World of Romeo Sozzi and Promemoria

  1. Stacey, I truly believe this is one of the most interesting and talented designers you have filmed and certainly in one of the most beautiful of places. I was not very familiar with his design work so had to google him to read more and found an interesting piece by Susanna done back in 2012. Really great work – both of you If you ever need any help, I am available…

  2. The kitchen cabinetry had me swooning. Finally, something different in kitchens…and sexy! Who knew kitchen cabinetry could be sexy?! And a leather upholstered bathroom? Be still my heart. There’s a beautiful sensuality to his work. Thank you for bringing these images to your blog.

  3. Wow– nicely done Quintessence!
    Thank you for showing us Romeo’s personal and professional worlds…all very original and truly inspiring.

  4. Everything about this post: the designer, the landscape, the craftsmanship-just in awe!

  5. Be still my heart! What a thrill to wake-up this morning to your fabulous video. Romeo IS the embodiment of Italian talent, taste, sexiness and everything in between. After spending time last summer around Lake Como, I could actually feel what it must be like to live a life like his. Family, beauty, love, food – all inspiring you each day. Who does not adore a man who collects frogs for the reason he does?!!

    Thanks to you ladies for adding beauty to my ordinary day.
    x Deborah

  6. Dear Stacey and Susanna, You drew us right into the world of Romeo Sozzi, his stunning craftsmanship in Promemoria, his glorious home. Thank you for this extraordinary journey!

    The Arts by Karena
    Palm Beach Chic

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