Idyll in the Sun

As I am in Florida, I thought it would be nice to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming (both Wednesday Wines – which I hope to post Thursday – and my coverage of the AD Home Show, which will continue next week). Today we will be taking a vicarious (for you) visit to the lovely gated community of John’s Island in Vero Beach where I have been lucky enough to be spending a few days this week.

Founded in 1969, John’s Island is a beautiful 1,650 acre private community set on a barrier island, that includes nine miles of Intracoastal Waterway and three miles of private beaches. The landscaping, all careful maintained is lush and exquisite along with a wide range of property types from large luxury homes to condos on the beach, all of which must conform to an architectural review board to keep the aesthetic appeal at its peak.

There are golf courses, tennis courts and croquet lawn but the new jewel in the crown for the community is the beautiful beach club which was spectacularly renovated three years ago by J Banks Design Group.

Not only does it include the expected pool, restaurants and lounging areas but also a handsome library with fireplace, billiards and game tables.

It is a sophisticated and elegantly casual design incorporating custom designed lighting crafted by Crenshaw lighting and many custom furniture pieces executed by Stanford Furniture, who are the manufacturers of the J Banks collection furniture line.

The palette is a soothing combination of creams, washed grey, taupe and chocolate with accents of pale blue and coral. The use of pecky cypress and stained ipe wood add to the classic southern feel.

There are many spectacular homes here and I thought it would be fun to look at several that are currently on the market. This spec home was designed by architect Peter Moor with interiors by Lk Defrances & Associates. The Anglo-Caribbean feel is echoed both in its architectural details and interior of handsome neutrals. This is my kind of spec house!!

The master suite includes a fireplace and luxurious his and her baths. I think it’s interesting that this is the room with the most color. I love the built in niches above the side tables.

This spec home, with a lush island feel and open floor plan was designed by architect Moulton Layne Architects with interior design by Spectrum who also have a handsome storefront in the Village Shops not far from John’s Island.

With water views from every room, it really feels like an island paradise.

Doesn’t this look like a fabulous island resort? But it could be all yours!

The new boat dock is an ideal place to relax outside and watch the local wildlife.

Moving inside, the serene color palette echoes the water views.

The open floor plan creates an airy and easy living space

I love the dark kitchen. It is sleek, sophisticated and modern but still warm.

And the marble is a lovely contrast.

The library continues the dark theme with a distinctly British Colonial feel.

And a final outdoor lounging space includes a fireplace.

Our final feature is an Oceanside Village courtyard home, interesting for its unique floor plan and lush plantings.

Unlike the previous two houses, this is not a spec house but is also available for sale.

This beautiful seaside home greets you with graceful arches. The courtyard with fountain is central to the house.

All the principal rooms open onto the graceful lanai with wet bar

How fabulous is the tile work? The epitome of tropical chic!! The lanai overlooks a breathtaking pool surrounded by lush landscaping.

Inside is a gracious living room with fireplace, dining room, family room and adjoining kitchen with wet bar. A master suite and three separate guest suites complete this lovely home. Can you imagine?

It is also possible to rent at John’s Island with the recommendation of a member or as a potential buyer/client through their real estate office. It’s been a lovely few days here. It is a peaceful place, ideal for bike riding and lounging by the pool. We’ve had delicious meals both at home and out and my daughter finally beat my husband at miniature golf – a milestone event!! I’ll be sorry to return to the wintry mix that is evidently awaiting me, for this has been my view for the past several days.

And I’ll be so sad to be covering up my colorful toes!!


34 thoughts on “Idyll in the Sun

  1. are you certain that is florida??!! how gorgeous, looked like a remote caribbean island. thanks for taking us along.
    no go, relax, soak it all in. but glad you shared


  2. What a wonderful place is Florida!! Oh my! I would love to be there for a while!
    Love all the houses you posted! I could look over and over to this post!
    Thank you for sharing!!

  3. You chose a great week to be in Florida, it has been just the best weather here and is going to continue for another week…don’t worry the summer heat is coming our way.
    I love “planned communities” when they are planned well like John’s Island.
    Beautiful interiors and who doesn’t want that photo of your toes by the pool to bring back memories?

  4. Just want you to know I am bookmarking this post under “favorite posts” tabs…wow oh wow, are these ever spectacular. Such the antithesis of that tacky overdone Floridian look that is seen in so many of mcmansions all the time…makes my skin crawl! These are just jaw droppingly gorgeous, restrained and refined elegance and of course coupled with the lushness of the grounds…pure perfection!! Love it..hope you are having a wonderful time!

  5. wow. ok, you’ve done a pretty good job telling us where we should go… but could you be a little more specific on where you are now? because i’m headed your way! ;)

  6. Such a lovely place and the people at J. Banks are so talented (they’re clients of ours, too!) It’s snowing/raining here so perhaps you should delay your return and enjoy the sun for a couple more days…

  7. No witty words here, just wanted to say that I really, really enjoyed this. Even more, I am so happy to know that YOU are enjoying this!! Enjoy the sunshine :) XX, Kelly

  8. You are such a lucky lady. I love those amazing photos and your toes look so cute with that adorable red nailpolish:) Enjoy it, sweetie
    Happy day

    Ps: I’m hosting an amazing GIVEAWAY later today! You can win 5 cool art posters!

  9. How lovely! The sun alone would be enough, but such a gorgeous setting? Wow! I hope you are having a fabulous time. LOVE the last photo, your toes look so happy. Have a poolside cocktail for me!

  10. Oh how gorgeous. You know, I wouldn’t need a big house. Just a few rooms, a pool, on the waterfront. So easily satisfied:).

  11. I’m so glad you have had some time away, spring is taking its own good time to get here in most parts of the country! The places you showcased are all gorgeous, with stunning decor. Plant me in any of them and I’ll be a happy girl.

    Sending you a smile!

  12. How wonderful you left the snowy north for some gorgeousness in Florida. The photos are amazing. There was simply nothing not to love in the style of your resort as well as the homes you showcased. Thank you for taking us virtually along! (BTW: Love the toes peeking up in the photo!)

  13. Wow, like my Mom used to say… some people have heaven on earth!!!
    I love your colorful toes and am so glad you’ve had such a lovely holiday escape! Thanks for sharing…

  14. A lovely spot, and I’m glad you included that handsome tile work. I came to live in Florida from cold Pittsburgh, and have never regretted the move. Today I am wearing shorts while my out-of-town guest frets that her flight to Florida will be delayed by snow and sleet!

  15. I so desperately need to go there! Likely explains my uncharacteristic nit picks this week! Wish could book a flight! Lynn from Decor Arts Now

  16. Hey there! We have escaped to Florida as well…we are in Palm Beach soaking up some of the best vacation weather we have ever experienced! Isn’t this great? Loving these interiors, I need to find out more about John’s island…looks like heaven! (and we are pedicure twins!) :)

  17. Raining in California, snowing in NY? Then there is lucky YOU with the cute feet. I read this post twice. The styles are very tasteful…parts of Florida can get too glitzy. This was elegant, tropical and airy. Just my cup of tea.

  18. Wow…and wow! If this is a spec house, I want one! I’m so glad to see John’s Island, but kind of sad, too. I was invited to join a group of women there while our husbands enjoyed a men’s ski trip to CO. But, with small children and having so much travel on the calendar, I had to pass. Now, I know what I was missing! So glad you got a break from the cold!

  19. I love the third house with lanai-reminds me of a house we rented on the west coast of Barbados once. John’s Island looks beautiful and quite fancy. Happy you are soaking up the sun with pretty toes! Have fun ; )

  20. wowee!! I really enjoyed this post, what a gorgeous spec house and I was in Johns Island sooo long ago when my grandmother ‘wintered’ up that way and didn’t remember it being so beautiful! Thank you for the trip back :)

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