At Home in Los Angeles with Johnson Hartig

at home with Johnson Hartig via Quintessence

While Johnson Hartig’s talents and interests have always been extensive and wide ranging, he found his calling in 2001 with his celebrated fashion brand Libertine. Hartig and his then business partner Cindy Greene, brought a fresh and inventive vibe to fashion, melding punk street fashion references with high art and culture by repurposing vintage pieces with creative and sometimes controversial embellishment. After only four months, Vanity Fair called to do a piece and six months later they both had to quit their jobs to focus exclusively on Libertine. Since 2009, Hartig has helmed the label on his own, furthering his unique and visionary quest of revolutionizing the industry. And now with a collaboration with Schumacher, Hartig flexes his design muscles in the world of interiors. Please join Susanna and me for an exhilarating visit with the ever exuberant Johnson at his Los Angeles bungalow.

Johnson is fearless in his endless love of embellishment in both his home and fashion label and his interiors are informed by an effortless mix of high and low, from Damien Hirst spin art paintings to campaign button-accessorized lampshades.

At Home with Johnson Hartig of Libertine via Quintessence

Inspired by subjects ranging from 17th century Dutch painting to Cher, the late Pat Buckley, his rescue dog Terence and punk rock, Johnson employs his cross pollination of artistic expression in his interiors with DIY ingenuity and surprising resourcefulness.

Johnson Hartig kitchen via Quintessence

And don’t let Johnson’s upbeat energy, irreverence and wicked sense of humor deceive you. He is incredibly knowledgeable about history, art and culture with a deep curiosity about the world around him. A true multi-hyphenate, he fuels his creativity with extensive reading and travel as well as frequent visits to everything from museums and galleries to flea markets, finding innovative ways to pair seemingly disparate elements.  And that’s the magic about Libertine – you can appreciate it for its visual vibrancy but there is always another deeper intellectual inspiration if you care to look.

At Home with Johnson Hartig. Via Quintessence

And it was video sponsor Libertine’s joyous embrace of color and pattern that led to Johnson’s next endeavor.  Last year, he paired his penchant for punchy color and exuberant ornamentation with the artisanship of the esteemed family owned Schumacher fabric house, to create a collection that reverberates with joy. 

Johnson Hartig for Libertine Schumacher collection-1

This 40 piece collection—which includes velvets, prints, warp prints, wallpapers, and trims—gives his fans a chance to infuse their rooms with Hartig’s future-forward sense of fashion. 

Johnson Hartig for Libertine Jokhang Tiger Velvet for SchumacherSome patterns feel already iconic: the Jokhang Tiger velvet, above ( “I love the energy created by having the tigers floating above the colorful alternating stripes,” says Hartig) or the Modern Toile, with its oversized repetition using recognizable classic motifs, not to mention the Punk Rock Mix Tape trim. “Safety Pins are an iconic emblem of English punk rock of the late 70s- so we created this boarder tape with them,” says Hartig. “I like how it’s a bit subversive and very pretty at the same time.” No matter the pick (the Terence Ikat below), Hartig’s patterns feel both singular and familiar.

Johnson Hartig for Libertine Schumacher Terence IkatThe full line is a natural progression for Schumacher, given the company’s prior collaborations with fashion designers, the first of which was with Paul Poiret in 1930. 

Johnson Hartig of Libertine, photo Stacey Bewkes for Quintessenceall photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

So thank you Johnson! Your exuberance is contagious. We were dazzled by your energetic spirit, boundless creativity, and inspiring home and studio!

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  1. Absolutely striking!!! Love his approach – so much life and joy! What unique richness and depth of both color and pattern. Thank you so very much for featuring. I will definitely seek out more of his work. Thank you again!

  2. I am laughing, I am sighing, I am saying, “I NEED THAT!!” OMG…WHAT FUN!! franki…ps “really signed by Cher!!”

  3. Thank you for the BEST Mother’s Day present!! Loved Everything! And the coat on his dawgie Terrance!!!! Happy Mother’s Day to you, Stacey and to Susannah!

  4. Dazzling colors, textures, designs: a veritable feast for the eye! Thanks so much Susanna for this gorgeous glimpse into the marvelously artistic world of Jonson Hartig!

  5. My partner has an early Johnson Hartig jacket–to die for. I want to get inside his head while Johnson is in a create mode. As always, a superb video. Thank you. Mary

  6. This was fabulous! We now offer Libertine at Saks and I appreciate the education. His designs are so unique and beautiful!!

    I hope all is well!


  7. Oh, wow! So cool in every way. Fearless and fabulous. It’s like Marian McEvoy’s house on roids…all the quirky, clever crafting. Great video as always!

  8. I love this so much. Great pick me up for a Pandemic afternoon.
    Susana looks so amazing in every one of those jackets. What a treat!
    Better than another brownie.

  9. Yet another unique and beautiful revelation from the dynamic duo! This is totally inspiring and Libertine is completely fabulous! Thanks so much for this great gift!

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