Friday Five Favorite Finds IX

Pumpkin Pond Farm event greenhouse

This Friday’s Five Favorite Finds kicks off with a location that celebrates two popular island categories – food and gardens. Drive about a half mile down the slightly-off-the-beaten-track dirt Millbrook Road, and you will discover the enticing world of Pumpkin Pond Farm.

Five Favorite Finds - Pumpkin Pond Farm on NantucketOn nine fertile acres, owner Marty McGowan has created the island’s only certified organic farm as well as a nursery (Marty has owned Sconset Gardener for 40 years), all designed with an artistic eye. Much of the vintage ironwork was sourced from the Frick estate

Ironwork at Nantucket's Pumpkin Pond Farm

and Marty created his own Appian Way, incorporating the same silver stone as used on historic Main Street in town.

Appian Way at Pumpkin Pond Farm NantucketThe nursery includes a wide variety of flowers, plants, plant materials and garden ornaments available to both the public and wholesale accounts, from sod and mulch to organic product such as compost and weed control solutions.

Plants at Pumpkin Pond Farm NantucketPlants at Pumpkin Pond Farm Nantucket

Gardens at Pumpkin Pond Farm Nantucket

The farm produces organic herbs, fruit and vegetables, including over 40 varieties of tomatoes, celebrated at the annual Tomato Festival, at the beginning of August.

Tomatoes at Pumpkin Pond Farm

While their major customers are island restaurants, Pumpkin Pond Farm has fresh produce available daily in limited quantities. If you are planning a special dinner, party or event, larger quantities can be ordered in advance.

Fruit and vegetables at Pumpkin Pond Farm Nantucket

The property also includes three greenhouses, two of which house everything from an enormous selection of succulents

succulents at pumpkin pond farm nantucket

to ferns

Ferns at Pumpkin Pond Farm Nantucket

to Marty’s favorite begonias.

begonias at Pumpkin Pond Farm

The third greenhouse is used for meetings,

greenhouse at Pumpkin Pond Farmto display decorative accessories

Pumpkin Pond Farm Greenhouse #3, Nantucketand is available to rent for special celebrations. Definitely worth a visit!

Pumpkin Pond Farm on Nantucket

Pumpkin Pond Farm event greenhouse

One of the restaurants Pumpkin Pond Farm works with is long time favorite, Cru. At the end of Straight Wharf, with an unbeatable waterfront location,

View from Cru Nantucketit is a great spot for brunch, lunch, drinks or dinner – but be sure to book well in advance at this popular venue.

Cru NantucketAnd the stylish bar is hopping at night.

bar at Cru NantucketI recently enjoyed a fun birthday lunch for a friend where we started with celebratory champagne cocktails

champagne cocktail at Cru Nantucket

and Cru’s specialty – super fresh local oysters (sorry – I indulged before remembering to take a shot!).

Oysters at Cru Nantucket

The seafood entrees are all delicious and leave room for dessert – the key lime pie in a jar is a winner.

Key Lime pie in a jar at Cru Nantucket

It’s also a fun spot to think of for a special occasion. My niece’s bridal shower here was part of a beautiful Nantucket wedding weekend.


The best sushi in town (as well as a great mac and cheese and burger) is found at Lola 41. While the unique reservations system is a tad off-putting, it is almost always worth the wait.

Lola 41 NantucketThe fish is incredible fresh in beautifully presented, delicious and often unusual combinations. But be forewarned, it is a bit of a scene and can be on the loud side – request the outdoor terrace for an airier and slightly quieter experience.

Lola 41 sushiFor breakfast, lunch or a snack on the go, check out Lemon Press on Centre Street.

lemon press nantucket With homemade cold pressed juices, salads, sandwiches and wraps, organic frozen yogurt, coffee and smoothies, it is the perfect stop for quick healthy food to eat on the terrace or while strolling in town.

Inside Lemon Press NantucketLemon Press cold pressed juicesLemon Press cold pressed juices

My final pick for today’s five favorite finds is one which I have been meaning to share for several summer seasons. Longtime Nantucket gallery owner Janis Aldridge features an appealing and eclectic mix of one of a kind antique botanicals, contemporary American and European artists, decorative furniture, accessories and antiques including an exclusive collection of hand blown crystal lamps.

Janis Aldridge NantucketOne of the stars of the shop is the exceptional paper artist Mellie Cooper.

Mellie Cooper paper artHer extraordinary multidisciplinary works meld sculpture, printmaking, painting and collage in a fascinating trompe l’oeil fusion of old and new. Making molds of layered liquid latex from an original form (in the case above, a child’s dress), she then presses paper pulp into the mold which is left to dry. This is peeled off and painted to create the work.

Mellie Cooper paper art at Janis Aldridge on Nantucket

Frames are an important part of Mellie’s three dimensional work, all paper interpretations of classic forms, in the case above, shells. Even when closely examining, it is difficult to tell the difference between Mellie’s “visual pun” and the real thing.

Mellie Cooper paper art detailAppropriation in art is a long standing tradition in the history of art that Mellie so expertly employs. Whether creating a modern take on the work of botanical artist Basilius Besler or 20th c. Cape Cod folk artist Ralph Cahoon, below, it expresses Mellie’s approach that “new forms are an evolution of old forms over a long period of time.” Or, as I quoted Joan Juliet Buck in a previous post entitled,  In Art It’s Called Appropriation, “You take what is already there, what someone else did and make it your own by adding a nose, a flower, changing a color or putting your name on it.”

Mellie Cooper paper art at Janis Alridge Gallery Nantucket

Be sure to stop back next Friday for my tenth and final Five Favorite Finds from here on Nantucket.

all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence; Lola 41 sushi courtesy of the restaurant

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  1. I’ve so enjoyed the Friday Finds. This one especially! Felt like a total vacation! A stroll, lunch out, and a visit to a very special art exhibit. All with perfect weather! Thanks, so much.

  2. Have enjoyed Friday’s Five Favorite Finds…..
    Lots of “treasure” on our island…..feeling very fortunate.

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