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Now that we’ve chosen what champagne to drink, we have to decide what to drink it in! So many choices, so little time! Last week in the New York Times, director of education for Moet Hennessy USA, Seth Box (whose brands include, among others, Dom Pérignon, Krug, Veuve Clicquot, Moët et Chandon), discussed exactly that. A man after my own heart, he feels that Americans drink too little champagne, saving it only for special occasions. He also feels strongly about what glass to serve it in.

He admits that although flutes are “great for presentation and showcase bubbles beautifully, from the tasting standpoint, the shape isn’t ideal.” He prefers something rounder on the bottom that tapers on top like this Baccarat Remy stem. He classifies this as “boring but perfect”.

For a classic flute, he choose the Facet Champagne flute from Lalique – a beautiful classic pick. I love its elegant retro feel.

For modern he choose this fabulously sleek Inside Out glass by AMT studio. Such a clever design!

And for a retro look, he chose this sturdy Stork Club glass by New York First Company

But there are so many other wonderful choices out there as well. Let me show you just a few of my favorites.

For the simplest classic glass, my choice would be the Dom Perignon by Baccarat. It’s clean elegant lines are always in style and would go with any tabletop design. It’s what I own.

But if I were going to branch out, I love the Saint-Louis Bubbles, designed by Teleri Ann Jones. This famous French manufacturer has a rich heritage and each of these flutes requires up to five days’ work, involving the skills of eight craftsmen to produce the shape and five more to complete the cutting. It is available in clear or a virtual kaleidoscope of colors. This lovely pink is one of the most recent additions.

Even though this Bacchus champagne tumbler by Theresienthal was designed in the 19th Century by Henriette Steigerwald, it walks the fine line between traditional and modern style.  The rosettes and beading on this design, available in six colors, are inspired by glasses from Roman and Middle-Age glassware, reflecting the Romantic aesthetic. I love the incredibly detailing.

William Yeoward, one of my favorite designers, offers a variety of stunning options. Generously proportioned, these elegant Beatrice & Violet flutes are based on 18th century originals and are perfect for the enjoyment of champagne

The Bunny pattern, one of my favorites, originates also from the late 18th century. The rosette motif was very popular at that time and it has a beautiful combination of delicate engraving and flat cuts.

The saucer shaped Fern is a pattern from the mid to late 19th century when botanical designs were very popular and wealthy landowners were competing with each other to grow and propagate plants from cuttings brought back from exploration in exotic places.

Or if you want true antique, how about this rare set of Murano champagne glasses from 1stdibs. Made in Italy around 1900, each glass is hand blown and no two glasses are alike in shape or height.

But no matter what you drink it in, you’re bound to have a festive evening if you’re drinking champagne, the drink of kings (and queens of course)!

34 thoughts on “Fancy a Flute?

  1. You found some beautiful choices indeed! Dom Perignon’s flutes are quite elegant and I like the modern intake of Inside Out flutes as well. Time to celebrate!

    • La Boheme – Thank you! I of course love my DP flutes but thought those Inside Out ones were so clever as well! Have a great New Year’s

    • Hi Sande – I’ve been coveting those Bubbles for quite a while now! Champagne here too of course. Wishing you a wonderful New Year’s as well!

  2. I am partial to the 50’s vibe of the coupe but think it is easier to sip from the flute. What a nice selection you have chosen. Yeoward will always top my list for the new classics

    • Marisa – Love Yeoward as well. We gave my brother and sister-in-law the Bunny flutes as their wedding present!

  3. Such a fun post! Our New Year’s Eve hostess uses Waterford Lismore flutes, whereas I favor a simpler look and break out the Riedels. It would be fun to jazz up my table, though, with some beautiful vintage glasses. Cheers!

    • Hi Maureen – Thank you! Yes, aren’t those Beatrice & Violet beautiful?! Everything he does is lovely! Wishing you a wonderful New Year’s as well!

  4. Ohhhh, I think the Bunny pattern with the etching has captured my heart. So beautiful & delicate & tall. We will definitely be serving champagne, probably Frances Ford Coppola’s “Sofia” which is really lovely & an excellent price. I will raise my glass & face East and toast to you, Q. I am so happy to know you.

    Happy New Year, darling woman…

    • Marsha – I think I mentioned, but we gave those beautiful Bunny glasses to my brother and sister in law for their wedding – they are exquisite! And it has been a highlight of the year getting to know you as well – Happy New Year’s to you!!

  5. So beautiful! I had rather have beautiful Crystal that silver or gold! My favorite is by AMT. Since I adore Champagne, this post is especially beautiful to me.
    Thank you for sharing and CHEERS!

    • Hi Teresa – I love crystal as well! That AMT is so fresh and modern! Wishing you a very happy New Year’s!

    • Hi Kate – Agreed!! Looking forward to imbibing tomorrow night! Wishing you a wonderful New Year’s celebration!!

  6. Funny we had guests over for dinner last night and I gave Emma, 10 years old, a mid century coupe glass to hold her sparkling orange drink. She felt very special. Speaking of special, I can’t wait to fill the 12 circa 1800s beatrice and violet style flutes I found at a church tag sale this year, with some La Grande Dame….I won’t tell you how much I paid for the set but let’s say it was far less than a case of Pellegrino!

    Cheers and happy 1.1.11 to you and yours

    • Wow – totally envious!! What a fabulous find! My sister is the one who gets the great tag sale finds in our family – I don’t have the patience. I did have a little find in my own house. Found a bottle of 1990 La Grande Dame buried in basement that we had Christmas Eve – delicious!!

    • Andrea – you’re my kind of girl!! I obviously love champagne as well and will definitely check out your Champagne Cocktail recipe!!

  7. I love these – what a great roundup! The Baccharat are my first choice and much more my taste, I have tons of Waterford champagne glasses given to me by family (we’re waterford people) but they are a bit too heavy and clunky for my liking. I also like the many elegant flutes like the Beatrice and Violet and the Bunny pattern. I used to love the more open ones but after dating a wine taster in my early 20s I was assured that it is not the proper way to serve champagne. Any way is good in my book!

    xo Mary Jo

    • Hi Mary Jo – Thanks! I love the Baccarat as well – it’s what I have at home But I love everything here! You’re right, the closed top is recommended but since we’re not sommeliers, I think we can use what we like. Also – did you see that the Quintessence wine expert, Terry Rogers, left you some suggestions on the last post for some rosé champagnes!

  8. Your line-up of choices is fabulous…something for everyone! I really look forward to toasting the new year with family and friends. Only one little thing, I’m more of a wine gal vs a champagne gal. Wishing you a wonderful new year’s!

    • Hamptontoes – Thank you! Don’t worry we won’t hold it against you that you like wine better ;-) Most of these come in versions for wine as well!! Happy New Year’s wishes to you and yours as well!!

  9. Hot tip for wine Wednesdays–instead of Champagne go for Presto Proseco. My friends have no idea. Now, I am a curmudgeon regarding my use of my Baccarat. I just can’t bear to watch $100.00+ glasses shatter. I use fun, yet cheaper fare. I’m saving the real stuff for who knows what.

    • Hi Liz – love Preseco as well but for the once a year occasion I like to pull out the big guns. Now if I were having a big party then perhaps I would consider serving that lovely Italian bubbly. And I have always taken your attitude with the Baccarat but this is one of my New Year’s resolutions – to actually use the good stuff – as you say we’re saving it for who knows what! Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Years. Here’s hoping that we can actually connect in 2011!!

    • Hi Christine- You’re too funny – yes, perhaps you’d feel like you were getting more!! Have a Happy New Year. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Just found your blog. Loved this article in the NY Times. I think more people should drink champagne. I drink it on a Tuesday, Sunday afternoon, any day of the week is a champagne day for me. Bubbles make me happy. I sip mine out of Riedel Vitis glasses but for a clean look love the Edge Glasses by Crate and Barrel. Oh! I have horrible grammar – not by choice….I’m work in progress. :)

    • Hi Ann – I quite agree with you – and I’m happy to try and change people’s minds about champgne! Riedel of course makes beautiful champagne and wine glasses. Will have to check out the C&B. Thanks for stopping by!

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